I have just added some new wools to my etsy shop

I just got more wool to replenish my stores, and was inspired to add some new marbleized wool colors to my selection in my etsy shop. (Just click on the words in color to go there to see them.)

Here is Verdant, Evergreen, Majolica, and Tarnish.

This is a close-up of Tarnish, one of the more dramatic marbleized wools.

I create the wools for you, and just hope that maybe I will have some time to hook with them myself! I can’t wait to see how they will look in my rugs.

My selection of wool colors is growing thanks to your response to them! I will be adding more new colors possibly later this week. So check back in!

Crafty friends, have a creative day ~ Karen


8 thoughts on “I have just added some new wools to my etsy shop

  1. Karen they are lovely, I noticed that you do not give a size of the pieces in your etsy shop. can we assume they are 1/4 yds joanne


  2. The colors are lovely and the lazy part of me wants to buy! The adventurous part of me says “get thee to your basement kitchen for dyeing and get to it!”

    Slightly off topic of the beautiful wools. I have been following your blog for a few months now and noticed a photo of yourself at the computer designing the recent “seaweed” rug. If you in fact use your computer to design with would you be so kind and tell us which program you use. I have been looking at and pondering over a program to purchase for just this task and would love to hear what you use and why.


    • hi sondra, i don’t use a computer to design my rugs, however i do utilize the computer to generate images of my designs. i scan my drawings, save them with photoshop, and then create tiffs of them which i place into a program called freehand. this allows me to resize them or create a layout which can be saved as a pdf. also, i have a mac!


      • Thank you for your info re using the computer. I too have a MAC (5 months now) which I’m still learning my way around. I went to Freehand but not sure that will work any longer on the newer versions of the MAC’s. I will explore using it on one of my PC’s. I would much rather be hooking (or…….) than always learning something new with the computer, LOL! BTW, love your beautifully intricate color combos in your rugs which shows me I must branch out in my color choices as I go forward.


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