I am changing Seaweed as I hook

I am continuing to hook the new free pattern called Seaweed, and I have decided to add more greens to the design, and move away from the purples, choosing to feature the purple in a muted, more low-key way. And instead of hitting the color purple straight on, I am going off to each side of the color and playing with reddish-purple, as in the veins of the leaves, and blue-purple, as in the touches in the background along the bottom left.

The purple outline on the leaves blended into the background, so I changed them a couple of times, settling on the light coppery-brown color. I think that the fan-like sage green line in the above seaweed bulb seems out of place, but it adds something to the design. I am leaving it for now, thinking I may add more types of green to the composition.

Happy hooking, more on this later ~ Karen


8 thoughts on “I am changing Seaweed as I hook

  1. I love seeing how you are changing things. That is something that I need to work on. I tend to hook and get frustrated when it doesn’t come out looking good and then put it aside. When I get to start this one, I’m going to play with my rugs a bit more from now on. If I don’t like something in it, take it out and try another color. I am learning so much just reading your blog. Thank You for starting your blog and for sharing these wonderful freebies, that we can also watch you paint with wool and learn.


  2. Karen- the piece is looking beautiful, and I love the changes you’ve made to the colors. I especially appreciate your notes/thoughts on using colors off to each side of the truer purple color. Very helpful instruction. Thanks!


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