Wooly News

Aside from having a large selection of wool colors to choose from in my etsy store, you now have the option of paying with Visa/Mastercard. This is expanded from simply having Paypal to choose from. New colors shown above are (left to right) Evensong, Brownberry, Antique Navy, Peacock, and Old Navy.

I have also replenished my stock of soft blues, and added another new blue called Twilight, which reminds me of the color of the sky just before dark. There are muted blues streaked with peachy-tan colorations.

Here is an order waiting to be packaged. Every so often I will enclose a handmade tag.

It has been a busy day today! I thank you for your orders. I am feeling excited that my colors are going out into the world, going into your designs. Because color is what fuels my creativity.

Have a creative day ~ Karen

16 thoughts on “Wooly News

  1. Karen,
    Your marbelized wools are so softly and uniquely colored! Just seeing a stack of them is something to behold and then you so kindly spread them out for us to see! What a treat!


  2. How wonderful to get to see all this beautiful wool. Karen, can you tell me which wool name is for the top blueish piece on the top stack that you said was going out. I might have to add that to my cart!


  3. Karen, your wools are gorgeous and have so much depth. I bought 3 pieces from your Etsy site a few months ago. They were even more beautiful “in person”!


  4. I LOVE your marbelized wools, Karen! They are so full of depth–just gorgeous! I have all three of your little books, but have not as yet tried dyeing wool myself. I must say I am a little intimidated by the toxic aspect of dyeing. Hope you address this issue in a future post. Just wondering if you have experimented with using natural dyes or even the Kool-Aid dyeing I have heard of –I would imagine you would be much more limited in color choices!


    • yes, i have experimented with onion skins, walnut hulls, and kool-aid, as well as tea and coffee. they are fun to play with. chemical dyes are toxic, so it is best to use a good dust mask that has a hepa filter. but even natural dyes can be toxic!


  5. I forgot to say that the marbelizing process really appeals to me because it does NOT entail using toxic dyes, but I’m sure that there are times when you need to dye to get just the right effect. What about textured wools, such as houndstooth and tweeds–I have a beautiful cashmere sports coat that belonged to my late father. It is camel and cream houndstooth and so lovely and full of memories. My dad just loved that jacket –I want to do something really special with that wool, but haven’t been able to decide what to do with it!


    • take your time and consider if you need to over-dye it at all. or then maybe only a faint washy subtle over dye. solids work better for marbleizing because they have more dye in them, but there is always room for experimentation. thank you for commenting.


  6. Karen, are all the wool colors that you have shown in the pictures, in your dye books. If not, are you going to be having a new dye book coming out? Love your color.


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