Half done with hooking Seaweed

Now that I am half done with hooking Seaweed, I have established most of the colors that I am using. Since I decided not to use the full-blown purple, and instead to hit that color in a more red-purple and with more muted lavender-grays, I took this idea into the Seaweed blooms and leaves. I have also added more yellow-green into the mix, which seems to enhance the background colors. The colors are starting to sing, and I can feel that things are coming together. I also added some steel-blue to the veins of the leaves on the top left, and in one of the blooms as an inner outline. The blue is almost gray, but add a little rogue color that creates a little tension in the color scheme. But it does not scream out at you and take your attention away from the main elements.

I also found a couple of dark warm brown textures that I added to the background mixture of wools. See one in two places in the upper left. Now I want to decide how to finish out the background and where to put variation and splotchy spots. I don’t want them to be everywhere. To my eye they should add an element of interest but not predictability or distraction.

Keep hooking, more to come ~ Karen


9 thoughts on “Half done with hooking Seaweed

  1. Adding elements that are of interest (but not predictable or distracting) is one of the aspects of your work that I find intriguing. Love hearing about your process, changes and ideas, that is, what changes the directions you take in a mat.


  2. Very nice Karen. Love your blotchy background and the slate blue grey. Also, that little touch of pink in one of the small flowers. Putting my thinking cap on with regard to other color schemes I could use. Inspiring for sure!


  3. So nice to see the changes. Love how you are showing people one look and then another. Looking sweet~ You have a such a beautiful style!


  4. Karen, this rug is wonderful! Your color sense is so unique, and your explanations lead us to believe we can achieve this lovely mix as well. Thanks for sharing. Showing your sweet little “Baa” mat on my blog today…it was such fun!


  5. Congratulations! I’ve passed on the Virtual Blogger Award to you! Check my blog today to see and “pick up” the award for your blog. Pass it on if you can but if not -no worries-just enjoy your well deserved award!


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