Beautiful colors of wool inspire me as I hook

Here is my worktable with many of the wools that I am hooking into my Seaweed rug design. I also have out a color wheel that I refer to. I find that it can point me in a direction when I am looking for a color harmony.

Just having inspiring color combinations of wool around the room is much like having an inspiring person in the room! The beauty of the colorful fabrics give me a feeling, a jolt that excites and motivates me to be creative. And these colors may not necessarily be anything that I am using in my current design!

The beauty of how colors interact reminds me of my goal: to create beauty with color.

I am coming into the last part of hooking my Seaweed design, and will pick up here next time ~ Karen


26 thoughts on “Beautiful colors of wool inspire me as I hook

  1. Gorgeous Wool and Seaweed is finishing up nicely!! Would love to be sitting in that chair right now with all those wonderful colors surrounding me.


  2. I don’t do much dying as I have 30 plus suitcases of “as is” wool, but your blog makes me want to get out the dyepots! yummy colors.


  3. For those inquiring, the Bazzill monochromatic color wheel is available through If you placed an order for this item, please pay promptly as Deb has let me know she is going on vacation for 6 days and would like payment ASAP so she can package up and send these orders on their way prior to leaving. Here is a link directly to the wheel :


  4. I saw the color wheel in Jo-ann Fabrics so your local fabric and quilting stores may have it. I try to shop local and would try them first.


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