The last stages of hooking Seaweed pull things together


Here I am almost finished with hooking Seaweed, and am happy with the interesting variety of the background. The lighter splotches of color are the Dark Olive Brown against the Inky Olive wool. The blue-purple that I hooked in the lower left I added near the bottom right.

Notice that I have varied the leaves growing out the center bulb-base. The leaves to the right have deep copper-brown veins. I have hooked the bulb-base on the left with a darker brown and let it be different from the other two bulbs. I have repeated the rogue steel-blue color in the inner lines of the lower right bulb. But the sage green line in the center bulb is still a loner, and I am wanting to change the colors of some of the other lines.

So I chose two stronger warm greens and hooked them in the lines near the sage green line. I instantly liked this better, the sage green line harmonizes now. I liked these stronger greens and used them in the left seaweed blooms. And while I was at it, I changed the center seaweed blossom, replacing the middle section of the top left bloom with a light lavender-gray color inside the blue outline. I added a bit more yellow-green to the top-center bloom.

The over-all coloration is muted and deep-toned. I can tell when I am finished when I perceive that the colors start to dance for me.

Next I will start the finishing process for Seaweed ~ Karen


7 thoughts on “The last stages of hooking Seaweed pull things together

  1. Learning more about the value of looking back and change, regardless of how little the change may be. Thanks for pointing out these finer points for us.


  2. love your almost finished seaweed rug. really came our very well. so nice and bright.did you use only your marblezed and plain material? also what kind of background colors did you use? thanks linda k.


  3. Really enjoyed watching you work on this piece. Fun to watch someone else learn/change things up on a piece they are doing. Thanks for taking us step by step. Looking forward to seeing which way you finish it!


  4. Beautiful Karen. I feel as though you and I are sitting in the salt water on the rocks of Lanphier’s Cove tickling our tootsies……..Love you….Aunt Nell


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