Black Sheep Gathering is a fiberfest extraordinare!

Here in Eugene, Oregon we are lucky enough to have the premier fiber festival called The Black Sheep Gathering. Folks from far and wide come out to show their animals, sell their wares, take classes, demonstrate a facet of fiber worldom, have their fiber creation judged…. or buy stuff! I fall into the last category (if you didn’t guess by now). Oh, I forgot to mention that lots of us show up with our spinning wheels or knitting projects and just hang out and create. I also fall in that category.

I live only a few blocks away from the fairgrounds, and for me it is like a retreat. I reluctantly come home to eat dinner and sleep in my own bed, but then I come back and spend every possible moment lost at the fair. I arrive bright and early each of the 3 days that the event is open, park my spinning wheel in the spinner’s circle, and bask in the fiberglow. The above photo shows my spinning wheel on the left, and my friend Beki Ries Montgomery (a drop-spindle diva who teaches several spinning and felting crafts) on the right.

Eye candy eye candy eye candy.

Color inspiration is all around you. I always feel inspired by the saturated colors!

For 3 days I live in a daze of yarn, spinning fiber and everything that goes with it!

Above was a new booth selling stitch markers and tiny tins for storing them and other tools.

I love it all! Next post I want to show you what I bought and projects I have started!

Be creative ~ Karen


22 thoughts on “Black Sheep Gathering is a fiberfest extraordinare!

  1. Thanks for the wonderful eye candy. Fiberfests are such wonderful touchy feely pleaces and the COLORS just say “buy me”!!!
    Happy Fourth.


  2. Thanks for sharing! It reminded me of the days when I used to vend at Maryland Sheep & Wool. Your mind & body get saturated with color and wool.


  3. How fun that would be! My friend and I go to one in Bowling Green, Ohio in the spring and it’s a feast for the eyes ~ this one looks like an endless banquet! Especially, since I learned to knit last Thursday! All these beautiful fibers are so tempting! Can’t wait to see your purchases!


  4. Ack! I live only about an hour from the fairgrounds, but I never seem to remember exactly when this festival is being held! It looks like you had a wonderful time…thanks for posting the drool-worthy photos. 🙂


  5. This was like “Fifty Shades of FIBER” for sure. I ooooohhhhhed, aaahhhhhhhed, right along side everyone else. How beautiful. I have never been to a Fiberfest and I surely don’t knit (but would love to). What gorgeous pictures. And “gorgeous” sounds like so small a word for what I gazed upon. Thanks KK.


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