Basking in the afterglow of a fiber festival

I did not leave the Black Sheep Gathering last weekend empty-handed. The festival only comes around once a year and it is the best opportunity I have to get wonderful unique fiber. So I plan to find something special to keep me busy until the next Black Sheep Gathering. I was really inspired by the colorplay of Miryha Runnerstrom’s 2-ply yarn. Her business is called Blarney Yarn. I love the close value color combinations that have so much movement and life.

So I bought her pattern for the Downeast Shawlette, which is a wonderful little crochet piece.

I especially love the way she added the contrasting blue border to frame her shawl. Doesn’t it look like standing in the middle of a flower garden?

I shopped at my friend Janis Thompson’s shop called Dyelots!, and got a vibrant Polwarth/Silk blend fiber in deep jewel tones.

Janis’ hand dyed fiber is above/top. The bottom 2 colorways I bought from Lori Lawson of Capistrano Fiber Arts. Her work always inspires me with her knack for color blending. These colors are dyed over Blue Faced Leicester /silk.

A new yarn shop opened in Corvallis, Oregon called Stash and they had a booth this year at The Gathering. I immediately was drawn to it! The owner was using my colors everywhere! It was instant LOVE!

Her yarn display was beautiful, with her banners and old suitcases. I came by numerous times, wanting to buy everything.

She had some new books, and I knew I was going to buy one of them.

I settled on this one: Little Red In The City. It is a gorgeous book!

Every page is styled beautifully, with very creative themes and ideas. Simply looking through this book made me feel inspired and brought me to a happy place. Books have the power to do that!

And I bought a pattern from her for this shawl, Cedar Leaf Shawlette. It is really more of a scarf, with a scalloped leaf border that I love. As you can see, I have started knitting it already!

I found the yarn for it at another booth, also another new yarn seller who happens to be local, Textiles A Mano. The owner, Laura, created this wonderful colorway called Depoe Bay in Merino/silk. It is a gray with all these muted flecks of color in it. So soft and huggable, great to knit.

I am so happy. The Black Sheep Gathering is my special treat. I do feel very fortunate to have it here every year.

Do you have a special fiber festival or fair that you go to that is YOUR special treat?

Be happy and creative ~ Karen


23 thoughts on “Basking in the afterglow of a fiber festival

  1. All I can say is WOW!! We have our Vermont Sheep and Wool Festival in October. I knit as well as rug hook and my knitting usually starts calling my name the end of August, BUT after seeing this I may start sooner. Thanks for the inspiration!!


  2. I made one shawl in the spring and have wanted to do anothe Didn’t want to tie it, so got the idea of using some antique gold monogrammed cuff links to close it.
    You just might have inspired me to do another.
    Thanks for great site, info and inspiration.


  3. I will be attending the Michigan Fiber Festival in Allegan MI during August and can hardly wait! I love seeing all of the animals that provide the fiber and of course wandering through all of the booths that offer everything fiber related. Last year Humphrey the camel was featured and I was able to buy some of his camel hair which the owner graciously blended with some shetland wool that I had just purchased! I’ve been experimenting with a drop spindle to create some chunky yarns that I might be able to use in my rug hooking. I’m afraid to even look at wheels for fear of creating another addiction! Thanks for sharing your experience so we can be inspired from far away!


    • lynn, i started with a drop spindle. don’t be afraid to take the plunge with spinning. if you buy a wheel, they pretty much hold their value if you need to sell it. a great inexpensive wheel is the Kiwi.


      • Oh no! I just had to go look at one online and it looks awfully tempting. I will definitely check them out at the Fiber show.


      • it is funny, but many of my spinner friends have multiple wheels in their collection! a couple of them have a kiwi as their travel wheel since it is sturdy, dependable and somewhat portable. my friend janis has faux finished hers with wildly colored paint.


  4. Okay Karen I have been on a mission to get some of this yarn!!! Contacted the Textiles A Mano and asked her about getting some of that yarn. She asked me how much? Well I don’t have the pattern yet, so could you shoot me a quick response on how much yarn that pattern requires… Then I can go ahead and order it. Thanks so much , Diane


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