Seeing red…in a good way

I detected a color theme in my dye kitchen today.

I am marbleizing some new colors to round out my Etsy Shop wool selection. I needed more reds. The rose tones in the photo above on the right half were the only thing I had in the red family. I wanted to add true red and deep red. So I created the colors on the above left half: Weathered Red, Strawberry, Zinnia, and Deep Red.

When I snapped this photo it occurred to me that I must be channeling the color since the new dye pot that I found at our local Bimart was also red. I loved the pot, white enamel on the inside, and on the outside it came in one lovely color choice. And now that it just went on sale, I think that I am going to buy another one!

I am surrounded by red. I love it!

Now that I see how it looks in my dye kitchen, I want more of it!

Seeking red…

How about you? Is there a new color that you seeking?

~ Karen

31 thoughts on “Seeing red…in a good way

  1. Love the reds! I have so much trouble getting my reds to turn out the way I want. Trial and error. Some errors good some not so good.


  2. Your reds are beautiful. For some reason I have been on a brown theme and am amazed at all the different values, tones and colors of browns there are. Color is truly fun.


  3. Oh what a lovely basket of red and how beautifully named! What’s not to love about a wool named Strawberry or Weathered Red?
    I’m seeking colors that whisper… Ivories, ecrus, pale-washed-out-weathered-bleached-by-the-sun colors… but now, after seeing your wools, I may just be seeking Zinnia!



  4. Love red too!! Have a red kitchen!! I have tried to get away from it but it keeps coming back!! I do love it but wanted something new. So, I am trying to work in that light teal or aqua shade in my decorating and I realized I have quite a few majolica pieces that are that shade!! And fabrics! And it works!! That has been my new color!!


  5. Red is my very very favorite color. You will find some in every room in my house (even if just a little bit). You know my monitor reads differently from yours. What is the possibility of you adding a Delicious Apple to one of your pictures? Most of them are pretty much the same reds. That way, I (and possibly others) could judge your reds. I have to think I am not the only one with this problem. Each of us have our monitors set, just for “us”……..and we hope we are reading true color.
    Karen, might you consider a photo with an apple? TY!!!!!
    P.S. I’m thinking everyone has a Delicious apple in their fridge. I bet you have one too.


    • tere, thank you for your ideas. i think that there may be something in your suggestion, and i will have to think more on it. i don’t have the apple in my fridge at the moment (just a golden delicious!)! there is more to this problem, however. and that has to do with the photographic process, which takes all of the hundreds of special colors (in this case red) and simplifies them down to a relative few. so my apple may look like another color, but really not be like it. when i took the photo of my reds i was disappointed at how generic they all looked together and how the same they looked compared to real life. they are much more special and individual than in a photo. thank you for this dialog, i hope that we can continue and find solutions.


  6. Karen, your reds are gorgeous! I can see the separation of the colors the best in the overhead basket shot.
    I’ve been looking for colors to do a wide cut oriental and came upon an old photo of a rug that had orange, turquoise and purple in it. I never thought I would use that combination, but they are calling to me! This past weekend I tried solar dyeing in jars, using some of your “Vintage Colors” orange formulas and love the results.


  7. Gorgeous shades of reds! An aqua shelf would be perfect!
    Lately, I’ve been attracted to violet, amethyst, lavender and lilac hues–never thought I was really that much of a fan of purple, but bits of it can be really lovely! Some day soon, I’m going to get my nerve up and dye some wool! Turquoise and buttery yellow have always been my favorite colors!


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