The hidden world of colors

Do colors have a hidden life? Do they think? Do they feel? What would they tell me if we shared the same language?

Talking among themselves do they ever re-arrange themselves then I am not looking? Creating beautiful tonal harmonies for me to pick from?

Colors have been known to jump into my hand, surprising me. And then I have to stop and think, now that is not the color I was looking for, but now that I have it in my hand, it just might be beautiful to use next.

I supposed these to be happy accidents…But now I wonder!

If I could only know for sure whether or not it was color working its own magic on me. Always conspiring in the kindest ways to help me grow and see new things. Unveiling mysteries. I realize that after many years of working with color in my art, there is always more to discover about using it. Always a new challenge.

I know it seems like magic, but without uttering a word, color can call to me. Not unlike a sound or a scent, color also can be evocative.

Color creates a feeling. This explains why I think about what color I wear every day. I simply have to wear the right color to suit my mood.

I know that you can learn every detail of color theory and still not know how to hear the language of color.

I think that we need to see colors as they are, really see with our eyes what is all around, and then we will understand what to do with color.

My challenge is to start afresh. Throw away preconceived notions, and using childlike eyes focus in on the world as if for the very first time. Then I hope to gain entrance to a world that is hidden to most where the mysteries of color will start to unveil themselves.

Thanks for stopping by ~ Karen

12 thoughts on “The hidden world of colors

  1. Thought provoking post about color! Loving pictures you’ve posted here as well.
    Color is definitely a language to be learned and experienced.


  2. I have always had the same palette…in my home, dress, quilts, rugs. And then I was introduced to my teacher, mentor, friend…June Mckoryak. She opened my eyes to a whole new world of color. Yes, my palette remains but oh so expanded. I see through different eyes, allow myself to step out of my comfort zone and bring a whole new life to my color world. And the great thing is I continue to learn in all areas of my life. Does color speak? Oh yes, and I love what it is saying.


  3. I have learned alot with design and color in rug hooking when I have stepped out of my comfort zone. I highly recommend it. It gets the inquisitive juices flowing and it’s a great feeling when you have accomplished this beautiful work of art that you thought you could never do. Art is always evolving and the creative process keeps you learning something new.


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