Value contrast and temperature contrast

One of the most important ideas about color, is value contrast. Light against dark is how we can see objects against a background. In the rug above, Sunflowers, the red sunflower is the dark object against the light background. The sunflower on the right is the opposite value contrast. The flower is the light value which stands out against the dark background. Squint your eyes to see the contrasts better.

In the same way, you can play opposite temperatures, or simply opposite colors on the color wheel, against each other. Notice above the yellow flower and the purple background. These opposites create a temperature contrast. This adds an additional punch to the value contrast. In this example we have a light value yellow against a dark value purple.

These color tools are fun to play with in rug hooking, or in any color work. They are the first consideration I take when I plan a color scheme.

Have a creative day ~ Karen

4 thoughts on “Value contrast and temperature contrast

  1. Karen, I so enjoy the mornings when I get up, have a cup of coffee and you have a new post on your blog. Makes me feel creative all day long. Can you share how your wool is organized by color and value?


  2. I love that burst of yellow and gold in the midst of the various different purple shades. I also love the directional hooking which is a whole nother level of interest! Hope you will write a future post on directional hooking!


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