Step away from the computer

I am shocked at how the computer has wheedled its way into my schedule. Gotta check my email, tend to my online business, shop for this and that, look up a recipe, check my favorite blogs, and – heavens – write my blog! 

I think back to when there was no such thing as a personal computer. Are you old enough to remember those days? What did we do with ourselves back then?!

I think that we need a reminder now and then to step away from the computer. And that also goes for your cell phone, and your TV. Give it a break so that you can take some time being creative! Use up some of that wool, that yarn, that fill in the blank. Or just sit outside in the fresh air and pick a shady spot with that glass of iced tea and day-dream!

I give you permission! Have fun!

~ Karen!


26 thoughts on “Step away from the computer

    • thanks for commenting. as they say, recognition that there is a problem is the first step to change. i am so thankful for my computer world, but i want to have a creative life here in my home, too.


  1. I totally agree. Every morning, i hop on the computer and now my husband and kids tease me about it. I used to have nothing to do with the computer-ive only had internet for about a year or 2. But Since I set up my Etsy shop in February-it takes up much of my time.


  2. Right on. I’ve shared conversation with cell phones and tv and watch as the electronics take over communication. I fear people are becoming afraid to be alone for even a minute. So much to lose. Watching nature, listening to what others are really saying, enjoying quiet time. I love my iPad and the ability it gives me to communicate with my daughter in NC and the kids away at school and I also love the afternoon time with my cup of coffee sitting on the patio with my friend…my dog. You are right, we need time to create and a wonderful time that is.


    • it is so easy for me to get overstimulated with all the choices, all the things calling to me. the computer is a big one, with its information available at my fingertips! yet, i want to be living in my life, creating things with my hands. such a struggle to be balanced!


  3. I like the simpler times and it’s kind of scary thinking about what the future will be technology wise. I would be perfectly happy without all the bells and whistles. Love Tasha Tudor and how she was selfsustaning and she lived a long life. I want to be her and wish I had met her. Would love to visit her place sometime and it’s right here in Vermont. Appreciate the reminder.


  4. I have taken to limiting myself. The morning I am on a little bit more, but for the rest of the day it is just a bit here and there, and then only for a 1/2 hour at night. It is still a lot, but looking at the clock and setting limits helps a ton!


  5. Ha, this was the topic of conversation I had today with my Mister as I do spend a lot of time on my laptop. This convo also lead to children and computers. Children no longer want to go outside and climb trees or make forts and enjoy nature at its best. Instead children want to play computer games. I still can’t get over 10 year olds with iphones! Lovely post.


  6. I do agree, but I am so inspired by the talent and imagination I find on the blogs and Pinterest. You are a tease, what is on the needles?


  7. I TOTALLY agree! One really needs to limit the amount of time spent on the computer or nothing else gets done and the time is gone forever:) With that said – I’m checking out.


  8. I am going to have to set some limits for myself! It’s amazing how time just slips away before you realize it. I’m going to the beach next week–will only check in once a day for email due to work and maybe a peek here!


  9. Hi Karen, Love the hand spun yarn…Is it hand dyed too? I totally agree about the tv…need to work on disconnecting from the computer..I remember years ago around 1985 I heard someone say that soon every household would have a computer and I thought to myself…what on earth would I need a computer for…


    • thanks for commenting, bonnie. yes, who would have dreamed that we would be needing a computer for anything at all!!! by the way, the hand spun was a mixture of several colors that were commercially dyed.


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