On my desktop today

I have been making good use of my dye kitchen, and today I am replenishing wool colors and adding a couple new ones.

This batch is one of my favorites and has colors in the rose family. I love how dramatic the colorations are on these pieces.

Crushed Roses is a color I reach for all the time, it is so soft and muted.

Some of the more striped wools have special possibilities for rug hooking. Not only is one side different from the other side, but the direction you cut the wool will also make a dramatic difference. If you cut the wool with the grain, you will get multicolored strips. Cut the wool the other way, and you will produce strips that are more uniform. So, cut your wool into 2 pieces so that can do both.

And here is a new color that is called Hay Stacks, as it reminds me of a hot, hazy summer afternoon after haying a field.

Sea Lettuce is another new wool. Like a mermaids lunch, this wool reminds me of strands of seaweed floatingĀ in a foggy ocean.

Well, off to labeling my wool as I day-dream of fog horns in an ocean village… and then imagine Claude Monet painting one of his Haystacks masterpieces!

Wishing you a creative day, filled with your favorite materials to touch!

With wool in hand ~ Karen


16 thoughts on “On my desktop today

  1. Thank you for your blog Karen. I start each day by reading it. I have discovered the joys of audio books while sitting here hooking. I am trying to get my speed up so that I can produce more rugs. I think it is working actually.

    Haystacks and Seafoam remind me of the colours I saw while in Iceland. Simply gorgeous!


  2. Just when I think I’ve found a favourite from among your marbellized beauties, up comes a new one. They are all calling, “Take me!” Thanks for sharing. I read and linger over every blog.


  3. Karen, which of the two greens sea lettuce and hay stacks, gives the frosty color of the lavendar plant? I really need one that I can use for that. Thanks Gloria


  4. This may seem like a crazy question…but where do you get the wool to dye? Do you do that yourself too??
    God has blessed you with a wonderful talent and i’m sure you make him proud with how you use it!!
    Absolutely amazing!!


  5. “Stormy Skies” is to die for – I love it. Hooked up beautifully. Now to get some “Grey Green”. That is gorgeous. Our computers have gone back in sync……..and the colors are dead on! Gorgeous Karen, simply gorgeous.


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