One happy cup of tea

Has your tea ever smiled back at you? Well, mine did today. I took out the tea bag and two bubbles for eyes looked up at me at the moment a smile reflection hit the bottom of the cup. Oh, my dear, dear cup of tea!

Tea time is one of my favorite times of the day. Anytime I watch a British film or TV series, I am endlessly delighted that they all seem to be as enamored with tea as I am. Well, I am part English, so it makes sense that I would be a tea lover.

A rug hooking friend designed a little rug that had the words:

When there is tea,
there is hope

I agree wholeheartedly, as my tea break brings back memories of tea with my Gramma or of many tea times in my past when I took some time with a friend. Simply, a cup in hand gives me a lovely little moment of cozy reflection. A time that I can catch myself, remember that it is all just an illusion; what is really important?

Have you taken tea yet? Would you stop and take a tea break with me?

May your tea bring you a smile ~ Karen

24 thoughts on “One happy cup of tea

  1. I would love to see a picture of the rug that says Where tHere is Tea, There is Hope. I too have an English background and really understand that quote. Thanks fir your blog. I enjoy it every day!


  2. In summer I forget about hot beverages…..but you have rekindled a memory. I took tea with my friend Meli many times, even in summer, she is in heaven and I miss her every day. I shall take tea today. Thank you. Lee


    • i used to drink p g tips with honey and goat milk. then i discovered that i was dairy sensitive, and had to find a tea that i enjoyed drinking with no dairy in it. i searched for a long time until i found 2 stash teas: coconut mango oolong, and white peach oolong. they are lovely, light teas. i do love oolong. how about you?


  3. Ah yes, remembering…I too have fond memories of having coffee (my tea) with my grandmother and mother every afternoon about 4 pm. My earliest recollection is about age 5. The tradition continued until my mom’s death and now no matter where I am, come 4 o’clock I stop for coffee. It’s a great time to reflect on the day. Sometime with my husband, sometime a friend, sometime with family and sometime with friend and companion…my pal Biscuit. Yes, even dog comes a running when I call “coffee dog”.


  4. Good Morning Karen,
    When I was a young girl I only drank tea when I was not feeling well. Coffee is my choosen drink and then I discovered Teavana! OMG! This first experience of sheer pleasure drinking a wonderful, soothing, comforting tea came about 3 years ago and I’ve been hooked ever since. Tea is on my wish list, Christmas, birthday and Mother’s Day list. I can never have enough! I can truly say when I have my tea, I feel a sense of serenity and joy.
    I lift my cup to you and wish you too a smile!


  5. Hi Karen, I rarely comment on you post but look and read all of them. As I read them in early morning before I start my daily routine, I can’t think of another best way to start the day ! Your posts always brings a smile, this one especially ! Have a nice week ~ Ginette from Atlantic Canada


  6. We could only have tea (with a lot of milk and sugar) when my mother made chicken chow mein, and only after we had cleaned our plates which was never a problem with that meal.

    Talking about tea reminds me of the BBC series I am currently watching on Amazon called Larkspur to Candleford. You might give it a try…it’s free if you are an Amazon Prime member.


  7. Smiling Tea……could be a new color wool. That lovely color brown with pops of yellow and green?????? LOL. I am way too excited about getting my recent order of wool. Thanks for everything KK!!!!!
    P.S. When I have my cuppa, this afternoon, I shall think of your smiling cup and you. xoxo


  8. Shari – so very sorry to hear of your husbands ill health. Let’s hope and pray for a speedy full recovery.
    KK – On the little colorful flyer going out with your new orders, there is a darling “bird” pattern with a limb, of sorts, going across the top part of the pattern. What is the name of that pattern? It’s not on the flyer. It is really a darling pattern. TY. Ter’e


      • I am laughing at myself INDEED!!!!!!!! I was thinking what a darling chairpad this would be. LOL. The joke is sure on me. Thanks KK for the ans and the good laugh!!!!!!!


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