Vintage postcards inspired me to craft some tags

I love old handwriting! It is truly a lost art that is evident in letters of yesteryear. I especially am taken with the old postcards with the added cancelled stamps and time-worn textures. I came across a collections of these that had such an artistic quality to them, that I printed color copies of them to make into tags to be a free gift for you.

For this project I get to try out my new toy — a tag cutter made by Uchida.

I turned the cutter upside down so that I could see what I was cutting, and centered my image to press and cut it out. Fun tool! It worked well on my cardstock paper. Anything heavier was too tough for the cutter to cut through.

Next I distressed the edges with my Tim Holtz collection of Distress Stain and Ink. I really like the colors Old Paper and Vintage Photo.

I punched holes with my mini hole puncher. I read the addresses and could see all the care that went into such penmanship. How I wish that I could write like that!

I made a huge bunch of these small tags as they were so fun! I had to string them as a finishing touch. I made them as a freebie for incoming orders on my Etsy shop, Primitive Spirit Goods, or through my Primitive Spirit rug hooking catalog. While supplies last every order you make gets a free tag!

Many of them are of foreign writing and places. Maybe they will inspire you, too!

Enjoy a wonderful and creative day ~ Karen


14 thoughts on “Vintage postcards inspired me to craft some tags

  1. Wonderful!…where do you purchase your supplies. I think I might enjoy paper crafting, I’ve never tried…thanks for sharing.


  2. I love these!! But I don’t use tags!! And I want to do these!! Darn it!!! I wish I had a use for them…. so I could make these wonderful tags…thanks Karen for sharing all your wonderful ideas and projects!!


    • diane, i was thinking that i should have given suggestions for using them. how about tags on gifts, labels for homemade preserves, make notes on them and attach them to projects you are working on to remind yourself of your process, tie a tag on display items on your shelf to give it that “general store” look!…. i am sure i could come up with more… anybody else have some ideas?


      • Those are great ideas!! Thanks! I think I wasn’t thinking this morning!! So glad for the suggestions!!! I do love the ideas!!! Have a Great Day!!!


  3. I, too, adore old postcards and letters…or just about anything that represents that time that seems to have gone by. The cursive was gorgeous! I started quilting a couple of years ago and find myself collecting fabrics that have been printed with these old cards and script on them in one way or another. I also recently found some embroidery templates that represent old script writing en Francais. No affiliation to them caveat: they’re on Urban Thread Designs on line if you are interested. Sorry if this wasn’t OK to tell you this here, just thought you might enjoy them as I do.


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