A great new color wheel

I have been looking for a new color wheel to offer for sale and I am excited to have found this one. One of the things I am looking for is a blend of softer colors. If I used bright colors, I might be happy with a standard color wheel. Since I use primitive colors, this interior design color wheel was just the thing.

It has an opening on the side to turn it to expose your colors of choice, showing you 5 analogous colors for you to blend together, as well as 3 complementing colors.

Most of the colors that I work with are here, especially the deeper shades.

I like to keep a color wheel by me as I work. I often draw inspiration from it, getting ideas for colors to add to my mixture. When I want to use a color, I will use it regardless of methods or formulas. I don’t abide by the color wheel like a bible. But I do call upon it when I am stuck, as it points me in a direction that often works.

I currently have several of these in stock in my Etsy Shop HERE if you wish to check them out. If I am out of stock, I will be getting more of them early this week, but you can pre-order one on Etsy.

Color can be magical, and a color wheel can help guide you along the right path.

Grab a project and have a great day ~ Karen


11 thoughts on “A great new color wheel

  1. I DEFINITELY can see where a color wheel would come in handy for me, and you’re so right about the use one when hooking primitive and subtle colors. Also, love the sapphires in your previous post!



  2. Hi Karen,

    I as well could not find color wheel on Etsy, and would like to purchase one. It is one of a kind and a must have.


  3. You know, all I can say is thank you for having this blog in e-mail form. You have no idea how much I enjoy seeing ‘Primitive Spirit’ come up everyday. Cheer in the midst of life! Thank you! Thank you! You are incredibly talented and interesting!


  4. Greetings friend! I love reading your blog …..daily! I would like to have you set aside a color wheel for me. Wouldn’t it be nice to get together? I am going to SOAR with ETC in Oct….so excited. It is in Tahoe. Miss you buddy. 🙂

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