I am happy to finish another rug

In my last post I was showing you a bit of my latest rug for next year’s catalog, and was working on hooking the final bit. Well, it is done and I did not change much this time. I alway flip the rug over and check to see that all it well on the back. There are always wool threads to trim, and occasionally there is and end that I forgot to pull to the top. Once in a while there might be a small open space that I forgot to hook. Now is the time to take care of that. Now that all is done, I steam press the entire back surface of the rug. This design fits on a table top, and I am using a small portable ironing board that I lie flat on the table. 

As I iron I think about what color to use for binding the edges. As you probably know, I like to crochet my edges with long wool strips. I have started carrying longs strips in my etsy shop just for this purpose. The longer the strips, the less piecing is needed. And my strips are 8′ long, so that makes this job even more pleasant.

The question is, what color will enhance the design and not detract from the colors in the rug? Often I pick a color that is slightly lighter than my darkest color. So, in this case, I picked a golden brown that is lighter than the brown in my rug. Here are 5 browns that I will use. One of them is my Pecan Brown crochet binding wool from my Etsy shop. It is the wool on the left. Why do I have 5 wools? Aside from the fact that I bore easily, I think that slightly different colors make for a more interesting finished edge. One can be a bit more colorful and zingy, and using it only here and there will have a more gentle effect than using it for the whole border. One can be kind of faded, one can be kind of ugly, one can be more textured. It is all fun, it is play. Don’t be too serious, be playful when you create.

All my wools are ready in my basket, along with my crochet hook, scissors and pin cushion, so that I can work in my easy chair, unpinning as I crochet along.

Now that I am done with this rug, what next? I really have no idea! I am toying with a concept, but it is only in the dream stage. So, I expect that I may work on a sewing project and continue on with my knitting. That is, unless I get a big brainstorm that carries me through to creating a design. This might happen to me if I see something in a book or magazine or online that stings me like a bee!

So, who can tell? That is the wonderful thing about creativity ~ it is like a magical friend who is always whispering wonderful things in  your ear. What will it say next?

Have a creative day ~ Karen






6 thoughts on “I am happy to finish another rug

  1. You’re teasing us again!! Looks good from here ~ can’t wait!!! I actually gave a brief overview of a crocheted edge at my Sauder class ~ thanks to you and a little online tutorial, I did it!! Now, I actually want to finish a rug that way ~ and I definitely get the 8′ strips ~ it uses up fast!! Have a happy day!!


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