New light colors for you to pick from

I wanted more antique light colors in my Etsy Shop, and am excited to announce four new primitive hues. Above is Creme Brulee, a warm beige with light yellow and tan variegation in it.

Tea Stain is a bit darker and has the same colors with deeper striations of color. This reminds me of wool that you have tea stained, with that warm, almost peachy undertone that tea gives it.

The above wool is called Onion Skin, and like wool dyed with that ingredient, it takes on a warm antique glow. This piece has been marbleized over Dorr Oatmeal, so it is slightly heathered.

The last wool I call Coffee and Creme, and it is a step darker in value, and has tones of cocoa and toast and tan.

All four harmonize with one another, adding a slightly different quality and coloration. From left to right: Creme Brulee, Tea Stain, Onion Skin, and Coffee and Creme. To go see them on Etsy, CLICK HERE.

New colors always give me ideas for blending them in a design. I also love rearranging my colors on my shelf. They look so beautiful. Could creating a color display be an art in itself?

Have a creative day ~ Karen

3 thoughts on “New light colors for you to pick from

  1. Love that Coffee and Creme. Delicious! I will definitely be ordering some of that, once I get settled. I have been using the “Tree Frog” —- what a great color that is. Hooks up beautifully. Looks divine down on the floor. Shoot, it looks divine unhooked too.
    KK – you simply rock. The colors and the quality is the best I have seen. (believe me, I have a very favorite dyer…..and I almost feel guilty saying that. But you are!!!!!!!) My wool will continue to come from the west coast………..
    Am, now a 100% believer in you and your talents!


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