I love repurposing vintage containers

My dye kitchen needed some vintage containers, since I have an old sink and reproduction faucet. I love the 50’s look and want to carry it through. So when I was looking for a container for the citric acid, I had just the container for the job.

Instead of baking powder in this Clabber Girl tin, I fill it with my fixative. I keep a small measuring cup inside so that I can grab the handle with my dye gloves on.

I do go through quite a bit of citric acid these days. Many years ago I switched over to citric acid instead of using vinegar in the dye process. It is less smelly and more convenient to use. I bought mine in bulk many years ago from somewhere online. I suppose if you are interested in using citric acid, a local wine or beer making store usually carries it.

I want more shelves over the stove, and am considering putting some of my dye mixtures in mason jars. That would be colorful and fun.

All for now! ~ Karen

7 thoughts on “I love repurposing vintage containers

  1. In the UK Karen, citric acid isn’t so easily obtainable because it is used in drugs, apparently!. I buy it from an Indian shop and even then it is over the counter and not on the shelves.


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