Port Townsend always inspires me

Port Townsend Washington reminds me of the old seaside towns of my childhood in New England. I look up at the buildings and their ornate moldings, dressed in the backdrop of a crisp September sky and feel that I am stepping back in time.

Reminders of yesteryear cannot be missed as you walk down Water Street beside the Sea. They can be large and bold.

Or in a tiny detail.

For festival weekends, colorful characters frequent the streets, sustaining the illusion of time travel.

All of time starts to merge, and my mind opens to a new place.

Here we are all a part of the magic, of the play.

The shops continue with the dream, colorful places to inspire me, to make me wish for more beauty in my life.

And from my room I look out on this mysterious place out of time. What will tomorrow bring? The seagulls keep me awake long past my bedtime. Are they laughing? Or maybe they are crying? In my half sleep I can only tell that I am not home in my bed. I am out of place, out of time, in a lovely adventure.

More again next time, Karen

17 thoughts on “Port Townsend always inspires me

  1. Welcome Home. Love the pictures. Looks like a fun and interesting place. I especially like the last photo. Was the building a marigold color because of the sun or do the old bricks have a golden cast? Can’t wait to see more.


  2. I was there in April I loved it. I was in Port Ludlow then we would drive over to Port Townsend to look at the houses.Did you go over to the barricks outside of town and see the lighthouse?
    Such a wonderful place. I especially liked the ferry ride. I loved the pictures!!!


    • thank you for your comment. the first few years we did some exploring of the area and did see the picturesque lighthouse and barracks. we also explored more of the san juan islands via ferry boat. yes, so wonderful and laid back.


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