Wooden Boat Festival Travelogue

A little big festival that rolls around every September is the Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival. Folks from everywhere travel here to admire the beauty of wood fashioned into one particular shape.

A shape with endless variations, each more zen than the last.

I called this a little big festival because it draws people from all over the world, and yet it is not overwhelming. It feels like it is your festival, and welcomes you like a hug that fits just right.

Our weekend would not be complete without many visits to our favorite folks the Java Gypsy mobile Coffeehouse.

Every year we get to see our special far away family members, John and Heidi. The festival would just not be the same without our deariest friends of beverages.

Wander around the point in the sunshine, step aboard old and new boats of all persuasions, meet their owners, and often their builders.

If you want to learn more there are demonstrations on many aspects of boat building, or wood carving and tool making. The talks always make me feel like working in wood, pulling out my Japanese saw and cutting something. Maybe creating a bird house or alter that table I bought at Goodwill.

There are things for kids to make. You will find some serious boat builders in this studio.

Notable boatbuilders are here talking about their work. You can even chat with an old salt for some expert advice.

But you really don’t even have to like boats to enjoy the festival. Because they are more than boats. They are glorious wooden sculptures that float in the water. They are colorful.

Each have a personality and a history that is palpable, a name that is often chosen to perfection.

I come away from the weekend my eyes filled with water-spashed motifs sun drenched colors.

Thanks for stopping by today and letting me share with you, Karen

P.S. If you are interested in seeing more photos of this trip, visit my flickr page. Find a link for it to the right.


23 thoughts on “Wooden Boat Festival Travelogue

  1. Karen: Thanks for the trip to the WB Festival. I have heard of this one, in fact some friends travel out to it annually. WoodenBoat Magazine is published about 1 mile from my home and I live in an area that wooden boats rule. Now I can say I have (almost) been to the West coast show too…Ken


    • and i just uploaded more photos on my flickr page. find the link in the right sidebar. thanks for your nice comment. someday we hope to get to the maine wooden boat school. i grew up in CT but never travelled to that particular area.


  2. My Fourth Grade Class in Southeastern Illinois enjoyed your pictures and comments this morning. (Many have never seen any ocean, let alone the Pacific Harbor.) The wooden boats were fantastic. It was fun to look up Townsend and find it on the map, too. Thank you:)

    Mrs. Lugene Bond and My Fourth Grade Class,
    Lincoln Grade School, Robinson Illinois


    • Dear Mrs Bond and students, thank you so much for your comment. i love hearing about just how far my little blog posts can travel. so since you looked up port townsend, i looked up lincoln grade school and found it on google maps. it is fun to see where you all are! i also wanted to let you know that i have just uploaded more photos on my flickr page, which you can find in the right sidebar of my blog. it sounds like you have a fun 4th grade class! have a great week, karen


  3. My students have left for the day, but tomorrow morning I will share with them. I forgot that they wanted me to say, “Hi!”. I will enjoy sharing with them tomorrow morning. The pictures were beautiful with the fall sky. I try to encourage them to be creative. Thank you for looking us up, too.


  4. Thank you for the lovely, virtual trip to the Pacific Northwest! Your photos are beautiful and the colors… Dreamy! I see so many of the tints you use in your work ~ thank you for today’s dose of inspiration!



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