Buried in plums

Harvest is well underway, and the Italian prune plums need picking. I had to snap this photo, as the fruit looked so lovely with my chartreuse kitchen towel. I am so thankful to see colorplay everywhere!

Plums have been my creative endeavor the last few weeks. I am picking plums, eating plums, drying plums, sharing plums, and making plum desserts.

I have kept track, and my hands have touched over 2,000 plums. My hands have purple in the crevices.

This is a little break from having my hands in the dye pots, but I am looking forward to getting back to that soon.

I hope that you find creativity where ever it finds you, Karen


15 thoughts on “Buried in plums

  1. I too have been reaping the fall harvest. I have frozen a quantity of plums and am hoping that I can now do some drying. It seems that the harvest is almost finished here in Ontario. Looking forward to more blog posts.


  2. karen love your blog this am oct. 1 just made some fresh apple sauce last nite from macoun apples yum so good spoon it out hourly all day long. would love to get some plums and make plum jam. you are such a great inspiration daily. thanks, linda k.


  3. Delicious looking plums. i made plum jam in August for the first time. No pectin needed and easy to make and enjoy all winter. I am wondering if we will see a plum rug in your future.


  4. We always had a plum tree, but they were ripe in July and were small red/gold variety. I love the memory of the fragrance of them simmering on the stove. My mother made the most delicious plum jelly I have ever tasted from those plums. Wish I could find one of those trees! The jelly was not only delicious and slightly tart, but the most gorgeous reddish hue I have ever seen!


  5. We had a prune plum tree in our backyard when I was a kid, my mom used to send my brother and me up and down the street with our little red wagon and sell the plums to our neighbors, we had fun and the neighbors looked forward to the plums every year. Connie


  6. On Cape Cod we have beach plums…They grow wild in the sandy soil by the beach and you have to search for them. unfortunately they only produce fruit every other year…but they are well worth the wait. You also have to get them before anyone else does. This year I lucked out and found enough for 8 jars of Jelly. Yummy.


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