Adventures off the beaten path

There is a vibration that becomes a part of you as you ride along the highway. The quickly moving scenery seems to wash right through you. Looking out across many many miles and across valleys and mountains starts to give you a vision of what majesty is. Remember the words~ for purple mountains majesty... Well they are still here, those majestic peaks.

But it is not only the scenery that inspires me as we travel down the dusty trail. It is the names of the places we pass. As if traveling to another zone, places are called strange names like Skookumchuck, Duckabush, Dosewallups, Chilicum. Like a silly schoolgirl I can’t resist saying them over and over.

Why is it so hard to get away and take a drive? Am I glued the compound back home? Now that I am here, I can feel that this is just what I have needed. The feeling that comes over me is an expansion. I am growing with each deep breath.

On my lap is my latest hooked rug as I put on a crochet binding. One of my favorite places to craft is in the car.

I like to work on crafting slowly sometimes, to savor it.  And I have been saving the finishing of this rug for a moment just like this. I love this finishing part. But there are times when I save something too long, get involved in another craft, and I am no longer interested in the old project. Does that happen to you? So it is a tricky balance to find. I really should play it safe and simply finish a project when I am excited to work on it and not leave it for a better time.

Heading back home from this trip I resolved to take more time to stare out at eternity. I think that if i devote even a little bit of time each day to daydream in this way,  my life will gain a new perspective.

Find something common, and see the uncommon beauty in it today, Karen


14 thoughts on “Adventures off the beaten path

  1. Thanks for sharing your road trip! I too, used to like to take along something to “work on” while traveling. Now, my husband is no longer with me, so. I’m the driver, Can’t so that anymore–
    Enjoyed the beautiful scenery that you shared, thanks again!


  2. Karen, I love your perspective. If we keep our eyes and heart open, there is beauty all around us. I love going by car because you do see the countryside and the open sky. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!



    • Part of an artist’s job and is to take in the world around her, let it percolate and give back to the world a new way of seeing itself. The artist Romare Beardon said he was like a whale who, as he swims, strains the water (his world) through his teeth taking in all kinds of things just as they come. Laura


    • thanks for commenting sondra! beauty begs to be expressed in creative ways — fiber arts, photography, and also words. i love all these forms of expression and enjoy having this outlet to share them.


  3. It’s either your camera or the reflection off the lands below, but your beautiful skies appear to be a different color than mine. Right now mine are gray and it’s foggy, but when they are crystal clear right after a front comes through they are more true blue…..most likely due to the reflection off the Blue Ridge Mountains. Yours appear to have a drop of turquoise in them. They are gorgeous. Thanks for the road trip……I had fun!


  4. I am not yet confident enough to take a rug hooking project into the car even for finishing. I have mastered knitting in the car. So I am working on becoming more proficient with the hooking because I want to be able to take it along. Driving country roads with my husband is inspiring. While we don’t have mountains in my part of the world we have forests, pastural scenes, water falls. The autumn is now coming on full steam. Wow is it ever gorgeous. Lots of mulberry reds and golden yellows this year.


    • it is trickier to take a rug hooking project on the road, as there is so much stuff! but if a rug is in its final stages of hooking or onto the binding part, i find it is do-able. i would love to see your mulberry reds!


  5. I’m constantly thinking about the next (or three) project while working on the current. Then I get excited about moving on. Crazy! I also enjoying working on projects in the car, and always take my basket of knitting and fav mags. when we take drives. My husband may stop to photograph something, which could involve at least an hour, so I like to be prepared. I always feel quite renewed after a nice afternoon drive into the Ozarks hills. It is refreshing to “break away from the compound”.


  6. I am so in the mood for a road trip–maybe later this month I will go to Alabama! I am trying to learn crochet–figure it will come in handy for finishing rugs. I also love the idea of it being so portable and I could crochet dish cloths while in the car. The more stressful my life becomes, the better to keep my hands busy–it’s so calming! Now that my kids are all grown, I know why older women throughout the ages have done handwork to keep from going crazy! lol


  7. Thanks so much the amazing photographs. I enjoyed going on this beautiful trip with you ! I remember taking trips with my little sewing basket with my husband when he traveled. we saw some beautiful country . But there is one thing I regret–
    I would have opened the sunroof of the car and let the air blow through my hair and not worry if I mess it up ! Now that I’m older I’d much rather let the wind blow with inspirations and be free to hook what ever I want.
    thanks again for YOUR inspiration .


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