On the road again

This week I will be in the Seattle area vending at the Bothell Washington rug show. I hope that you will come and enjoy a wonderful day shopping and hooking and doing all things rug hooking on Wednesday from 10am to 2pm.


I will have freebies including a free pattern. Next week when I get back I will be posting the free pattern along with photos and instructions. The pattern is called Birdnest Bag.

I have been busy dyeing lots of wool, some in the colors of the season. Here is a sampling:

Purples, pumpkins and mixtures with these colors.

I also will be posting about wool marbleizing and another method of dyeing that I just discovered! The photo above is one of my new pieces.

Be back next week, Karen

8 thoughts on “On the road again

  1. Wow~ as usual, yummy wool! beautiful colors, wish I could hop on ” my broomstick” and fly over to your side of the country for a visit! Have a great week!


  2. Wish I could be in Washington to see all your yummy wools. But I look forward to the freebie pattern and the new dyeing instructions. Have a fun trip!!!


  3. mmm…yum your map is beautiful, totally Karen! Enjoy Seattle for me too and through a kiss to my kids in Olympia! Looking forward to the new pattern. It is so good of you and enjoy all of them!


  4. Karen, I love your blog and I love your marbleing colors – if you don’t mind sharing, where do you find your solids for marbleing?


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