Signs of Fall

My most favorite time of year is Fall. Spring is a close runner-up, but Fall is my season hands down. And I take great pleasure in looking for signs of Autumn’s change.

I can smell it in the air. Smoke. Earth. Ripe and over ripe apples as they fall from the tree. Concord grapes. I can feel it on my skin. Crisp frosty morning stillness. Hot sun on the porch as I cup my hands around my afternoon tea.

Fall is a gathering-in time. I start to dream of sitting by the fire with a new hooked rug or knitting project.

The colors of Fall are all about contrasts in color. 

Vivid sky blue against crimson, orange and yellow! I am always inspired by the colors of Fall! Nature seems to be laughing at the rule book, as green turns to red! I almost expect a unicorn to step onto my path. And I guess that is what I love about Fall: the endless surprise of it all.

I am just getting back from my trip to the Bothel rug show and will be posting a free pattern soon! Then you will have something to sit by the fire and hook! I am also going to be sharing a new dye method to make gorgeous wool! All to come soon.

Have a lovely, dreamy day, Karen

8 thoughts on “Signs of Fall

  1. Thank you for sharing the wonderful photos! Autumn colour can be elusive in SF Bay area. The liquid ambers in our yard a still bright green but walk down the street two blocks and the trees there are vivid red! I wait in anticipation!!


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