Will the real tomato please stand up

It is tomato season, and even though I am rolling in tomatoes I had to buy another one. Of the fabric kind.

I found this one at a yard sale. It has so much character.

At an antique mall while I was in Port Townsend I bought another tomato to add to the collection, along with several other notions.

Real vintage buttons in unusual colors.

Old lace, one is hand crocheted. These were very cheaply priced!

Vintage patterns, all right in style.

I love tomato season. I probably have 10 tomato pinkeeps, and am hoping to add to this collection so that I can have a big bowl-full to display someday.

What do you collect? Do you have a bowlful yet?

Have a creative day, Karen

19 thoughts on “Will the real tomato please stand up

  1. I too collect pin cushions of the tomato, variety, as well as any that are interesting.I have large and small, fat and skinny, some are faded others bright. I keep them with small tomato emeries in a basket on my table.


    • yes, i also have been collecting for a while, and watch as things become “popular”. i collected antiques and decorated my room as a girl with them. now they are so pricey, it breaks my heart at their popularity. boo too! many beyond my budget!


  2. Good Morning,
    I’be been collecting the red pin cushions with the little children around the parimeter. I’ve had mine since I’ve been a little girl. It reminds me of them holding onto a ride and having fun! I only have two, seems they don’t show up very often. Seeing the pin cusions on my counter always brings a smile to my face.
    Have a great day!


  3. When I was a wee girl I thought it would be fun fun FUN to twirl mom’s tomato pincushion around by the little one on the top… oh my, did I ever get in trouble!

    I collect cobalt blue glass, the older and darker the better. It’s everywhere in my house… I think it may be reproducing while my back is turned…


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