Celebrate Halloween time with vintage postcards

I love vintage postcards, and for Halloween I have a wonderful collection to decorate with. Want to know my secret source?

My postcards are impostors! I have discovered an online source for free graphics that can be printed out on your own printer. Check out http://graphicsfairy.blogspot.com/

I searched under Halloween and found all kinds of goodies. I printed these onto card stock, cut them out, distressed the edges with sandpaper, and then gave them a grungy patina with Tim Holtz distress inks.

They would also be wonderful place cards for a dinner table or gift tags.

Graphics Fairy has many categories to search through, such a Thanksgiving and Christmas (holidays which are coming up alarmingly fast!). My thanks to you, Graphics Fairy!

Have a crafty time with the link!

Have a spooky and fun Halloween, Karen


6 thoughts on “Celebrate Halloween time with vintage postcards

  1. I went to the graphics site and looked for making cloth labels for our rugs/quilts. Have you found a way/source for making these labels you can share?


  2. Hi Karen!
    Love your vintage Halloween decorating! Just the perfect touch. I’m using your picture down here in the corner as inspiration as I beaver along on my first triloom shawl. Lots of mistakes, which thankfully, I have now learned to correct. I like your loose weave, and have patterned mine similarly. I’m wondering how you finish the edge of your shawl. Do you just take it off the loom and then crochet or weave on an edge? Or do you just take it off and leave as is. I’m not really interested in fringe at this point.


    • i usually crochet across the long top side, and then decide whether or not to crochet the short sides or not. i like the light and airy no-edging treatment sometimes. i agree on the no fringe. i would love to see your finished piece! thanks for commenting, karen


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