Fall colors in the dyepot

Pumpkin is not just a color in the pumpkin patch. I had a longing for the harvest colors in my wool collection so I set out to recreate some of the inspiring colors of Fall for my recent trip to be a vendor in Bothel, Washington. I am using my dye method called marbleizing for this batch of wool. I developed and refined this technique almost 10 years ago. The wool colorations reminded me of marbled paper, but since it was not an actual marbling technique, I decided to call it marbleizing.One of the impulses of the Autumn season is a need to organize and clean. I have been telling myself to use up those little scraps of wool under my table, odd sizes that are less than a yard. I have a pretty good selection of colors, and I noticed that I did have some rusts and purples. I pulled them out and took a closer look at how they might blend together in a marbleized wool sandwich. So for Fall I picked 2 shades of organgey-rust, 2 light grays, and 2 purples. What would they do when they blended their dyes? Every new batch is a mystery, as each wool is different.

After the wool has finished processing comes the most exciting part when you unroll the wool and see the magic of how the colors have merged! This orange wool came out stunning… and so Fall!

Here are all of the wools that were (from left to right) purple, light gray, purple, orange, orange, and light gray. Truly this batch is unrepeatable as I was using many wool colors that are no longer available.

For more details of this method of dyeing, refer to my Marbleized Wool Book available through my catalog and now in my ETSY shop HERE. Currently I have over 60 colors for sale on ETSY. Many of these colors I have been able to restock, but some are only available for a limited time.

Soon here on the pages of my blog, I will be showing you a new dye method used on wool roving that I have found a way to adapt for wool yardage with beautiful results!

All for now, Karen


9 thoughts on “Fall colors in the dyepot

  1. Thanks for sharing! I purchased your marbleizing book a couple of years ago. My girlfriend and I have had great fun trying many combinations. Love reading your blog too!


  2. Your colors as usual are beautiful! I wouldn’t have thought to put so many pieces together–I guess I “go by the book” (your marbleizing book, that is!) I will have to try that the next time I get the pot going and see what happens! Thanks again for the wonderful purse pattern!



  3. Thank you for posting information about your book on marbelized wool–our guild is very interested in marbelizing and your book is the perfect guide.


  4. Thank you as usual, Karen. I too have bought your book and was happy to see that more than 4 wools can be used. One day I went “wool crazy” and had pots going all over the place and each batch of marbleized wool was an art piece of it’s own. Does anyone else have trouble cutting it into strips and not just leaving it as a whole piece to admire over and over?


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