All I want for Christmas is…

DSCF1002When my family asks me what I want for Christmas, I used to find it hard to give them an answer. Because what I really wanted was some hand dyed wool or roving, an antique vase like I saw in some remote corner of a flea market, or some craft supplies too difficult to explain or describe. How could they ever pick out what I really wanted?

wool cartEtsy has changed all that for me. When I joined the Etsy buying/selling community, I found that it became easy to find a zillion hand crafted and vintage items that I loved. And things that I would love to have for a gift.

DSCF1007There are two ways that Etsy makes it easy for me. First is Etsy gift cards. Anyone can purchase them starting at $25. Many shops, including my shop, accept Etsy gift cards, and they can be used to buy your dream gift, or give a gift to someone else. Just go to and you will see Gift Cards listed at the top of the page toward the middle. From there you (or someone else) can purchase the denomination that is right for your budget.

DSCF1001The other way that Etsy makes it easy, is using your Favorites to shop. Joining Etsy is free. Create an account and your own user name. When you log on to Etsy, there is a bar along the top of the page that has several icons,  one being a heart. When you click on the heart it goes to your favorites page. Here is where your personal favorites are stored, for you and others to see. When you are looking at a listing that interests you, there is a place to the right to click on that has a heart and says

Add Item To Favorites. 

When you click it, it is saved on your page. Now others can find it, and buy it for you! Just tell them what your account name is, and they can find your Favorites page.

DSCF1020Isn’t that fun? Last year I got several craft and vintage things from my favorites list from my son and my husband. And they were… just what I wanted!

DSCF1008Things on Etsy can range from just a few dollars to a few hundred dollars. And shipping is typically better than many online sites. So you can buy one small thing here, and another little trinket there. What fun!

So put the word out the next time someone asks you the question: What do you want for Christmas?

Cheers! ~ Karen



4 thoughts on “All I want for Christmas is…

  1. Hey Karen…is it possible to purchase a yard of aubergine? I went to your etsy and didn’t see any. No rush at all!! Hope you enjoy the holiday season!!

    susi seyller chesapeake, va


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