December Dreaming


December is a time to gather together the bits and pieces that have fallen off the edges, and build something of them. If this sounds a bit like what happened to Humpty Dumpty, you get the idea. For me, what it all means is a lot of time on the computer, enhancing photographs, building pages, preening the layouts, fussing over details, and drinking a lot of tea.DSCF1009

Computer time is creative in ways that are only fun for about 10 minutes at a time. After that,  it becomes mesmerizing and I begin to feel like the computer is the creator and I am its robot. The mouse click replaces my human touch.DSCF1007

But here I sit, for hours, for days, punching keys, clicking with my fore finger. No end in sight. Karen the machine.DSCF1002

Having a home based business is an agony and an ecstasy. Sometimes I cannot escape from the work around me. But I do love being at home, working from home. So, I try to keep it all in balance. But December can be out of balance for me. My new patterns will emerge sometime in January if all goes well. It is all up to me to make that happen. I struggle back and forth as to whether I have time to create a new catalog or not. Instead I may create a full color page of my new patterns. Regardless, there is much for me to do — the behind-the-scenes work.

All the while I am business-ing, my home is being renovated. Finishing details like beadboard, window and floor trim, and a new cabinet are going up in my kitchen. I am distracted and bemused at my delicious plight. Work is getting done, but my brain is in overload. My attention is divided. If I only had multi-faceted eyes like a fly so that I could look in all of these directions at the same time. 

Like the child in the classroom, I daydream out my window. I would like to be crafting. I do sit at my spinning wheel, mindlessly drafting wool in the evenings to keep my sanity. That really helps. At least a tiny bit of creative time keeps me going. 
DSCF1048But for me, December will have to be a time to dream. To organize. To drink tea and write crafty “to do” lists.

Here’s to a wonderful “to do” list  ~  Karen

12 thoughts on “December Dreaming

  1. Oh, I can so relate to what you are describing.
    It seems, several times a year I am in this exact position !
    Hmmmm…somehow it all comes together and works out. 😉
    And, might I even add…sometimes those “delays” bring something even better than what we could have at first thought.


  2. More renovating? Good for you! Love the pictures of you looking so thoughtful ~ can almost see those creative wheels turning!! Whatever you dream up ~ we’ll all love!!!


  3. Hang in there Karen. We all love seeing your creativity come to life. I think you are amazing with all you accomplish. I know having a dedicated space makes it a bit easier for you. Dream…create…inspire. Then we will do the same as you inspire us! Merry, merry!!!


  4. Dream on, Karen! Your dreaming is what inspires ‘our’ dreaming, it sure helps to have another creative mind at work!
    Merry Christmas!


  5. I can relate, Karen. Kitchen renovation going on here too, plus an outdoor shower while the new shower gets tiled by my husband on his day off…taking much longer than expected! Hooking and stitching keeping me centered so far.


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