An old fashioned dye day


I wish for warm breezes and sunshine to bring me outside, but today is a cold and gloomy winter day. A perfect day to dye wool in my vintage dye kitchen.



Surrounded by my treasures, this is a cozy place to be.


I need to replentish my Etsy store, so I am marbleizing yards of wool. Here is my pink batch, ready to go into the pot. In it is a mixture of pinks and camel colored wools.


This batch of antique light colors is ready for the fixative. The other pot is full of antique darks.


Can you imagine baking so much that you would need a container this big for baking powder? Don’t be fooled by the container — it is not filled with baking powder! Citric acid is what I keep in here to fix my wool colors. It is less smelly than vinegar and easier to store.





DSCF1004With a cup of tea and the warmth of the stove, surrounded by wool, I think I will get through this chilly day with flying colors (pun very much intended)! 

Wishing you a cozy and colorful day ~ Karen


18 thoughts on “An old fashioned dye day

  1. Karen, I just found your blog, it’s wonderful..i have been an artist all my life, and have done many forms, watercolors, acrylics, metal working, sculpting and have now added fiber arts to the list, but I have to say, I can’t stop hooking!. Your site is so informative and a joy to read. Thank you! ……….Kate at Briar Cottage Studio


  2. Wonderful post – it’s just like being there. But now I have a serious case of dye kitchen envy. Your dye kichen is the inspiration for the one I want to have for my attic studio, still in the planning stages. Thanks for living the dream!


  3. I do not dye…have no place to do it, so this was definitely dye kitchen envy for me!! I am new to your blog and enjoy the read…I will be back to buy some of your yummy wool!!


  4. I have used your dye books and your marbleizing book and they are just wonderful. I get so excited on the days that I plan to dye and the thrill of seeing what colors you get are so worth the mess! I really hate to cut up some of my marbleized pieces. They are so pretty. Thank you as always for such creative inspirations.


  5. 1/28/2013


    I am just starting to collect some wool and am going to try to do this rug hooking. I really don’t know what I am doing yet, but I have been reading up on it and it looks like something I would like. I first found you on Pinterest, and love your stuff and the wool seen here. I love the picture at the beginning of this post and was wondering if you could tell me where I could get a copy, the one of the kittens on wash day? Thanks so much for all the interesting reading.

    Gayle Fansler



    • thank you for your comment, all the best to you on your rug hooking journey! the kittens postcard is a vintage one in my collection, and i don’t think it is in print. the back says copyright by max künzil, zurich, printed in switzerland.


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