Black and White

DSCF1041The graphic quality of black and white excites me. I have been working with this contrast lately and wanted to share with you a couple of projects that have turned out to be favorites. I went to the thrift store looking for a stool. I almost passed this one by. Imagine dark wood stain, overlooked by everyone because of its depressing blah everyday-ness. But I liked its bones, and it was sturdy with no structural issues.

DSCF1037I painted it in one of my old whites, sanding and waxing it to give it a vintage look. The dark stain underneath looks like old wood. I thought that I would recover the vinyl seat, and so I pulled a bunch of different fabric choices out to see which one I liked best, but decided that I really liked the contrast of the black.

DSCF1039So, I re-stapled it underneath in a few places to make it look more finished, and screwed it back in place. I am so happy with how it came out. And to think I was planning on spending $$ for a stool with far less character.

DSCF1017More black and white for me as I have been knitting with linen yarn, and had a sport weight black that was earmarked for this tunic.

DSCF1013Linen is so drapey, it is perfect for this design.

DSCF1015I am loving the pattern, which is called Liesl by Coco Knits, which a friend bought me.

DSCF1045I have started another one in a natural color linen. This will go over my basic camisole and linen bloomers or jeans.

DSCF1011I am thinking ahead to warmer days, here in February. I nice thought. For now, I will appreciate the out-of-doors from the comfort of my knitting chair by the fire.

Have a creative day ~ Karen

Find the pattern by clicking on this link: COCO KNITS


19 thoughts on “Black and White

  1. Oh, I lov this chair..such character, useable & perfect for your “black’nwhite” scheme
    And the re-painting is wonderful! lov it, lov it!


  2. Your stool was quite the find. The tunic is classy. I just returned from shopping with my daughter-in-law. Too funny…. we found a black plate shelf in Oct .costing next to nothing . Today we found several white ironstone plates, as that’s what she wanted for her theme. A truly black and white day for me too!


    • thanks for commenting, lynn! i don’t have a photo of me wearing it yet, but it fits great and i can see that it will add a lot to my wardrobe. i got more linen and want to make something similar, or somehow change Liesl… i saw on Ravelry that someone steeked it and made it into a cardigan that was really cute.


  3. I have the luxury of having two homes – one in New Hampshire and one in Southern California – I need color in NH for the days the sun isn’t shining so I have a red sofa and use tons of color everywhere here. The California home is black, white, browns (of old wood), and cream colors – I can still hang colorful art and it works well there. I love what you have shared here – the stool and the tunic – wonderful. You can wear any jewelry or scarfs that you like with that great tunic. The linen colored one will be fabulous over black jeans and a tee – you are stylin girl! Thanks for sharing.


  4. gorgeous, gorgeous! So classic, timeless ~ Chic! Love the stool and every time I see one of your knitted creations I wish I loved to knit like you do!
    I just finished hanging my mother’s black and white photographs in our office. They were part of her final project for her Master’s degree at U of M (many moons ago!). I’m so lucky to have these special pictures. I guess it’s been a black and white day for me, too! :~>



  5. I recognized the tunic right away as I am currently knitting the same one – mine is in a light weight dark teal merino wool (I am not knitting the pockets). I was thinking that if it turns out well that I would knit it again in linen for summer. Would you mind sharing where you purchase your linen yarn? Summer is a long way off though…today it was -15C here with a wind chill much colder…right now it’s all about wool!


  6. Lovely projects, Karen! I would be intersted in learning/seeing more about your painting and waxing process on wood furniture. You achieve such lovely patina! Maybe a future post? Many thanks for your BEAUTIFUL blog. I relish every word.


  7. Karen, I’m knitting this and finding the pockets confusing for some reason. When looking at yours, it appears you left them off and that’s what I’m considering. Did you, and do you feel the pockets weigh it down a bit?


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