How cool is that

DSCF1020I saw a preview of the new Garnet Hill catalog online, and since then I have been waiting for it to arrive in my mailbox, and it just did! I am not interested in buying anything — I just want the COVER!DSCF1022

It is beautiful, saturated with that wonderful cool green that I love. So I instantly grabbed my camera and did a photo shoot around my studio, just to admit to the world that I live/love/laugh with these evocative cool hues!

DSCF1045Colorful flower pots and a berry basket hold my twine and gift tags.


Wool for hooking rugs is piled everywhere up to the ceiling.DSCF1031

Painted furniture, vintage sewing baskets and my collection of old tin boxes crowd the shelves.DSCF1024

Wool and silk roving has been painted in ocean tones, inspiring me to spin yarn.DSCF1049

Pin cushions and nostalgic sewing things are old friends from a time less hurried, inviting me to sit and make something with my hands, pulling lovely colored threads through my fingers.

Every rug I hook seems to need this color, as it calms everything around it.DSCF1052

Collecting dust is one of my pastimes. Find it here on my shelves, adding more patina to my vintage treasures.DSCF1046How much more energy my space has when I surround myself in the colors I love. I just want to be here and be creative.

Have a day filled with beautiful colors ~ Karen




30 thoughts on “How cool is that

  1. I love the comment about dust adding to the patina….I will try to remember that. Thanks for being you and filling my computer with fun everyday.


  2. Oh my goodness! What a beautiful post, Karen ~ I just love it! Every picture is a story and an inspiration. I’ll be revisiting this page many times!

    I’m so glad to know that I’m not the only collector of dust! Hooray!



  3. collecting dust hmmmm .Now this is just what I needed to hear this morning. You have just given me permission to nix the house cleaning today and spend this snowy day hooking.
    colour does a similar thing to me. Makes me want to create things. When I am surrounded by color I feel connected to the universe!
    Thanks for your wonderful post this morning.


  4. karen love your blog this am. guess what my dream came true we are having a blizzard in fairfield ct. don,t have to go to michelle in new haven to go and hook and pay to do it. will work on my knitting and rug all day and don,t have to go anywhere and may not go anywhere for next 2 days as we are expecting 2 ft. love the colors of green looks like the color of salt water and didn,t know that you spinned.?? hope i get this to you today the right way. have a great day??linda kraus


  5. what a treat for the eyes! It certainly gives one inspiration….glad to hear you’re not afraid to mention “dust” I, too, think it adds to collecting!


  6. Love your little vignettes! They are truly inspiring!
    I’m trying to decide on a new frame for hooking–I’ve been using a hoop on a stand which I find very cumbersome, but it doesn’t pull out the yarns and little fluffs of roving I like to use along with wool strips. I like the look of your Wolf River frame, but am also considering the costly Cheticamp–Have you ever hooked on a cheticamp frame? Actually, I want both! lol


    • i have never hooked on a cheticamp frame. i am sold on the gripper teeth, as they keep my work taut which is very important for my vigorous style of hooking. i have 4 frames, so i would definitely suggest getting a couple for different applications. one for larger rugs, a floor frame. and one for smaller work, a lap frame.


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