Happy Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day comes exactly in the nick of time. For what better time to cheer someone with a wish of love and endearment than dark February.

One of the longest time’s of the year is winter — at least that’s what it has always felt to me. If you are like me, you have a “winter plan” to make it through the cold nasty time, when you are kept indoors. Part of the winter plan is simply making a list and dreaming.


The dream-list can be an end in itself. I make it my special time. At home it can be in my favorite chair with some hot cocoa and a nice journal to write in. Or I may choose a coffee shop that has a vintage ambience and treat myself to an excursion. To give me inspiration I have my favorite magazines like Where Women Create, Where Women Cook, Flea Market Style, and Vintage Style. A new seed catalog is always welcome.

The list itself can help pinpoint what I really want to accomplish this winter. I am not holding myself to this list, so I can make it as ambitious as I like.

Knit a sweater

Knit a shawl

Go through my clothes and get rid of things I haven’t worn

Overdye my blue sweater green

Cull through my yarn stash and donate what I am not going to use

Pull out my knitting machine and make something on it

Organize my wool

Reclaim my closet shelf

Rearrange my workroom

Paint and faux finish the stool and shelf

Cook a new soup recipe

Make more raw foods for dinner

Now that my list is made, I feel very accomplished! I know that I have many fun winter things to do if I feel a moment of inspiration. I start to feel more thankful for winter. I look forward to recharging time, to a bit of hibernation.

rabbit valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day readers! Have a day filled with your favorite things ~ Karen

11 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. Thanks for the great ‘winter’ ideas! love your antique Valentines–
    like your ‘list’ –if I made one it would have many of the same ideas–


  2. Lists are always a good thing. I am going with a friend to the big quilt show in Virginia next week. I have been compiling a list for weeks. It is in my purse….hope I don’t forget it! Blessings, Lee


  3. Thank You Karen, Beautiful vintage Valentine. I do love winter as a chance to
    hibernate and finish up projects started. Feels good to finish up. I am looking at your
    catalog for a fresh rug to start also. You are so inspiring, I hope you have the best
    day ever!!! Blessings Carol


  4. Love that” bunnys in the lettuce patch” card! I to have a winter to do list. I completed my valentine owl stocking,now working on oval antique,before I tackle the beautiful Madame OdIer. I know I should have more productive chores on my to do list, but not this year. My creative self is busy now. Thanks for being apart of that. Mo. I’ll send you a picture of Barnie the valentine owl!


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