Working with colorful wool on a dismal day

DSCF1001If it is going to be drizzly all day, at least I can have colors in my hands! And today I am preparing for a class, and putting together wool packets for everyone. I am working out in my garden studio where I keep all of my wool.

DSCF1010This is a close up of Summer Basket, and I am finding colors for the bold outline in the flowers.

DSCF1004I typically use many colors in my outlines, so that they look surprising, giving the piece a more time-worn look.


DSCF1016I think that class time should be fun and I do everything ahead of time to try to make class a success for each person. I have been working several weeks already, and have almost 2 months to go before I ship everything out.

DSCF1018I get excited myself when I organize wool, as I get to kind of re-live hooking each design, enjoying the play of color that seems to come like magic. I love the way the wools look together.

DSCF1020Lovely wool on a rainy day. Luckily I can play inside.


16 thoughts on “Working with colorful wool on a dismal day

  1. karen love the wool kit that you are putting together for your class such fun. how many students do you have in a class and where will it be held?? how much do you charge for kit, wool and class?? thanks so much and hope you can reply to this as i am always finding it hard to send it back to you see if it works this time. linda k.


  2. Thank you Karen for an inspirational day. I haven’t hooked since the rug show here in Vermont since November and need to start a new project. I might just start the bee pillow pattern with soft spring colors.


  3. Hi Karen,
    Lucky students to have those lovely wools handpicked by you to work with! I can fully appreciate the hours you put in preparing for your classes! So much work and thinking involved! Thank-you for sharing your thoughts and your ending note about regarding it as play! Yes indeed… I’m right there with you! Best wishes for a successful class!
    Cathy G


  4. oh my what a perfect way to spend a dreary day! well any day for that matter! love watching you “work” in your garden studio! beautiful wool to touch and see! love it all karen…gives me inspiration! enjoy!


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