Moving around day in my studio

DSCF1038Today I must be in a Spring cleaning sort of head space, as I want to rip apart my studio and start afresh. After being in this space for almost a year, I liked many things about my current arrangement, but I felt as though my space was not being utilized to its potential. Besides,I think it’s fun to try something new!


Closer to my dye kitchen you get this view of one of my vintage hooked rugs. I might use this hutch for some dye supplies. For now it just houses collections that are fun to browse.DSCF1030I moved both sets of wool shelves together at the far end of the room. This took care of the dead space in the corner. Since I moved the aqua hutch, the back wall was empty, drawing attention to the heat pump. It is not very vintage looking — or even steampunk! And there is nothing I can do about it… Unless you have a suggestion for me! So the best that I can do is draw attention to something else. Like a gorgeous vintage rug!


DSCF1031Now I have a nice cozy corner to hook or spin or knit by my wool shelves.

DSCF1037My stack of suitcases holds many supplies for sewing, spinning, needle felting, and punch needle embroidery.


DSCF1032For the time being, my long table does triple duty with my sewing machine, serger, and knitting machine. This table will get moved around as needed, but is useful on all sides in the middle of the room.

DSCF1035My newly painted desk is filled with beading supplies, and can be moved to get a new change of scenery as needed. I was happy to find a spot to hang this vintage geometric rug, as it is so inspiring to me. There is more work to do, but with all this new-ness I feel inspired to keep going.

Happy March! Congratulations — you made it through February!

Have a creative day ~ Karen


37 thoughts on “Moving around day in my studio

  1. I love your space. Those suitcases! And totally cool to have a workstation for each craft. My crafting space is divided between 3 different rooms – one of which needs an overhaul, did the office last week. Today I used this sunny first day of spring to clean out half a winter’s worth of straw debris from the stable floor, I feel sooo accomplished that I get to paint all afternoon. 😉 Must be something in the air that makes us bring out the brooms!


  2. Happy March–spring is on the way, here in North Eastern NC. Sun is shining, daffodils are blooming and I saw some forsysthia (sp??) yesterday–both signs of Spring!
    Love your space! It’s beautiful and must be a joy to work(?) play in–thanks for sharing–


  3. This is a great space for inspiration and work, too! The suitcases are a wonderful idea. My only question is…does your wool not tend to fade under those wonderful bright lights? How do you protect it? Maybe it doesn’t stay on the shelves long enough! I am desperately looking for spring, it is icy and cold here today but hope “springs” eternal.


  4. I love how you have hung the beautiful old rugs. I have some my Grandmother’s hooked rugs, they are pretty worn, so they are rolled up & tucked away. I would love to hang them like you did, how would you suggest to do that ? Should I make a frame like you would for canvas & tack it on ???


  5. Your studio space is gorgeous – I love how much room you have and how you’ve “sectioned” it so each area has a purpose. I hope to have a similar space for myself sometime soon.


  6. The antique rug worked well !!! I didn’t even notice the heat pump! Love the whole room. Can you tell me the size of your room? I’m thinking about adding a room and it seems to be a great size . Thanks !


  7. Your space looks inviting and inspirational! Room to walk around. Area’s that call different attention to your art. Spring cleaning is a must. This time rejuvenates the soul and mind to expand your creativity!
    Thanks for sharing your space, it gives all of us “Cyber Friends” a chance to see you and get an understanding of who you are as an artist!
    Happy March 1st!


  8. I think we are twins separated at birth. Your studio is just what I would have if I had room for it, I have all the same bits and pieces in my collection of stuff, but my work space is a 10 x12 bedroom! What an inspiration you are.
    Polly in CO


  9. Your studio is like a bit of heaven on earth. Thanks for sharing the photos. As for the heat pump…have you considered painting it to make it look like something vintage or antique? Perhaps like an old storage container of some brand or another that you liked so much you happened to hang it high on the wall??? Just a thought, could be more fun than trying to pretend it’s not there.


      • I love your space – I bead, sew/quilt, hook, do ribbon work, etc etc and I dream of having an organized space for all my supplies – someday soon I hope – your space inspires me to get going on space of my own. Your vintage rugs are fabulous – it’s all wonderful – enjoy enjoy!!!
        Curious – is there a powder room nearby?


  10. For the heat pump I wonder if it would work to make a similar screen to what my granparents had to cover their electrical meter inside their flat. Imagine a tube standing up, cut in half so the screen bends outwards with top and bottom open. In your case it would be a very wide and short tube rather than a vertical one. Then you could decorate that any which way you like. It was hung on the wall with little eyelets (I don’t know the proper gizmo in english) what were hooked onto nails or screws in the wall, easy to lift off. You know the kind where the hole is round at the bottom and a slit at the top, so the eyelet is locked in place until you lift it?


    • this unit has an eye sensor that prohibits me from putting anything in its path unfortunately! i wish i could put a box over it! thank you for the suggestion. i may be able to put something up a bit higher. we shall see!


      • yes, the sensor moves around the room. and i just looked more closely at the unit, and there needs to be airflow all around it as there are vents above and below. that is why they could not install it closer to the top of the ceiling (drat!). i can’t even put a shelf too close beneath it.


  11. You know Karen, the rug you have underneath, along with all the other wonderful treasures in the room, the heat pump is hardly noticed. Seems to be just part of the wall.


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