Lazy day with a crochet hook in my hand

DSCF1002Crochet is the perfect project for a day that you are feeling a little sick. I have so much work to do, but can’t get my energy back after a week of being ill, so I comfort myself crafting a colorful and blissfully mindless crochet bag. I found this pattern a few weeks ago and have been dreaming of making it, pulling out my little snippets of leftover linen and cotton yarns so that it will be colorful.


The bag is by Lucy of Attic24, and it is a free pattern that you can find on her blog HERE. I am making a variation of the bag with different handles. Lucy has full directions with photos, and is very generous to share her pattern. Thank you Lucy!


Part of the comfort-food like quality of crochet is in its simplicity. A lovely hook with one stitch on it at a time. With a very simple single crochet, you can make so many things. A calming pastime that is forgiving in its nature. I love to knit and will always knit. But crochet is here to stay.


This craft always takes me back to my girlhood, learning to crochet from my German grandmother. I can still remember the green hot pad in the shape of a leaf that she had made. How magical crochet seemed to me!


Then there was my other crocheting relative, Aunt Minnie, a little lady who was as tall as she was wide, with a great big laugh and personality to match her energy level, alway had her crocheting with her. She was the fastest crocheter I ever met. She would arrive for tea at my Italian grandmother’s house, ask you your shoe size, and by the time she left, she had crocheted you a pair of wildly colorful booty slippers. Whether you wanted them or not. She got me started on the gold and avocado afghan that I never finished. I just was not dedicated to gold and avocado for that long a stretch, I guess.


Obviously it is safer to choose a project that changes color frequently, as this one does. I find it endlessly fascinating to choose the next color. No planning ahead. Living life dangerously by just doing the row that you are on. So wild. Such a color fix.ย Believe it or not, there is even a row or two of gold and avocado in it.


I had a bunch of colors already, but I have to confess that I went out and bought a couple more, as I really wanted to have a red and a ochre to round out the selection. How embarrassing. I have about 22 colors. There are probably about 40 rows total in this bag! Now you know! — my name is Karen and I am a color-aholic.


Well, if you can’t be yourself in your blog, then where can you be?

Thanks for the visit. There will be no booties.



27 thoughts on “Lazy day with a crochet hook in my hand

  1. Hello Karen,

    I have been a long time reader of Lucy’s blog. Love her colors, home, food… all of it! I might give that pattern a go. I’m still knitting on my liesl tunic. I made the entire thing and ripped it! Just wasn’t right. Now I’m almost done with my decreasing and I feel like it’s more consistent and looks better. I’ve also been a bit under the weather. Simple knitting and crochet are a nice way to pass the time on the couch…….
    Hope you’re good to go soon!


  2. This is a happy, joy making colour blast that made me smile. It is a lovely project which makes me think I should be doing a crochet project when I go to Europe this summer rather than lugging rug hooking or knitting along. As you say one hook and some yarn. But then again using many balls of yarn likely would take up too much space. Still thinking about what to do on that narrow boat tour. Will you show us the finished bag Karen?

    I hope you are feeling better soon.


    • trish, i will post another picture of the completed bag. yes, there are a lot of balls of yarn, but this bag could also be done with one color, or two, or just several colors. the balls don’t have to be big. yes, i always take a knitting or crochet project or two with me on trips. mandatory!


  3. Yeah, being sick is the pits. i was sick before Christmas for a good week this last year. The colors you used should lift your spirits though.


  4. my daughter Hannah crochets alot mor that I do, but it was my first ever attempt at any needlework when I was young…my Mom taught me and I crocheted for years, never really making anything more that long scarves and one huge afghan!!! You’ve inspired me to visit the blog you mentioned and perhaps purchase a few skeins of yarn and a new. pretty crochet hook!
    Thanks Karen, and have a cup of tea to help you feel better ๐Ÿ™‚
    Blessed be ~


    • thanks for the nice note lori. i can just picture your fresh picked colorful yarns and new crochet hook! remember to try out the hook first. i love susan bates style hooks with the sharper sliced open style hook that seems to grab the yarn better. here comes the tea, karen


  5. Hi Karen,

    Love the colors!..never enough. The other evening I pulled out my cotton yarn and crocheted a kitchen cloth. Just 1, at that time I just needed 1, now my yarn awaits me to return. Need to make lots more!..thanks for the pattern link..a bag is duly noted.
    have a great day!


  6. Karen,
    I always enjoy your blog; you never disappoint, even when you’re ill! I hope you are feeling much better by now. I love to crochet but am a beginner. Your colors are beautiful.


  7. Oh goodness Karen, I too have a German grandmother who taught me to crochet. I even still have my first (unfinished) afghan and the olive, orange and brownish yarn she gave me over 30 years ago buried in the depths of my yarn cabinet. The colors never inspired me but I keep thinking one day I will finish it. Hey, I’ll finish mine if you finish yours! ๐Ÿ™‚


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