Dye weather

DSCF1006What kind of weather means dye weather to you? For me it is rainy and cool, so I can enjoy both the warmth of the dye pots and the calm of staying inside in my snug dye kitchen! Today I am creating dark colors, and this batch of antique black is stewing in the electric turkey roasting pan.

DSCF1004For over dyeing wool, I have jars of ready-to-go dissolved dye colors. If something doesn’t come out the way I want it to, sometimes I would opt to add a splash of this and that to make it better. I enjoy experimentation with dyeing.

DSCF1007Here are a couple over dyed textures ready to get rinsed and spun out in the washer and then dried, cut and folded. The laundry has never been so fun to do!

DSCF1005As I am dyeing, colors will capture my imagination. Look how this mixture of greens look with the purples. What will I do with it? Maybe only stare at it, I am not sure. As far as I am concerned, this wool has accomplished its mission: it has inspired me.

Have a creative and colorful day ~ Karen


18 thoughts on “Dye weather

  1. How much wool can you dye at a time in your roaster? Is it an 18 quart capacity? It’s a great idea and I’m tired of doing small amounts on my stovetop. I’m going to look for a roaster at yard sale/ thrift shops. Any other tips or advice? Thanks for your great blog. I look forward to reading it and your projects and etsy offerings!


    • it is a standard size 18 quart pan. i can comfortably dye 1 yard of wool, sometimes i may scrunch a bit more in. i use it more for methods that don’t need stirring. so the finished wool will be splotchy and wonderful. keep the lid on so that the temperature comes up and steams the wool. i am still experimenting with it myself.


    • one of my first recollections of the utter beauty of purple and green was when a friend was working on a cross stitch of violets. the piece just sang to me with all the shade of green with the lovely spring purples. thanks for sharing your color friendship with me!


  2. I am still trying to figure out what works best…I agree with Karen but my kitchen doesn’t have an exhaust fan so my walls and ceilings end up damp. I am thinking of running an extension cord outside to my deck and using my turkey roaster outside.


  3. oh Karen, i love getting peeks of your dyeing projects! i just havent done it yet… im ready.. even have your little books! now to just do it and i know i will love it! enjoy your weekend!


  4. I feel like a little panting puppy dog, when I see your wool.
    It is just delicious.
    I cut up one of my beautiful greens I bought from you, and it about killed me. I really just wanted to keep the wool intact and drool over it! But alas, it’s going into a rug.


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