Colorful crochet inspiration

DSCF1034I told my friend Lu about my love affair with crochet, and my bag in progress. Then she showed me her crocheted bags and they blew me away. I borrowed several to photograph for you. I knew you would want to see them. This is the bottom of one bag. Notice all of her intricate color work, carrying one color inside of another to make the designs.DSCF1031

A humble drawstring bag never looked so fabulous.


A hand twisted multicolored cord and a ruffled lace edging.DSCF1032She also had a couple small bags to show me.

DSCF1027A yellow and brown medicine bag and a blue and white one that holds a talisman. So precious. So inspiring. Thank you Lu for trusting me with your treasures so that I can share them with my readers.

More about my crochet bag to come later this week ~ Karen





19 thoughts on “Colorful crochet inspiration

  1. All the bags were marvelous and will have to find a pattern to crochet one, tho know they couldn’t possibly be as lovely that Lu’s or yours.



  2. Wonderful Karen, your friend’s work is beautiful.I can only imagine trying to crochet those intricate designs .thanks for sharing..


  3. Your friend has such talent, but then I’m sure she expresses her admiration for your talent when it comes to hooking. 🙂


  4. I’ve just recently started learning crochet – inspired by the talented Lucy of attic24.typepad Love her cheerful use of color and of course I love all things British! This bag is beautiful–new inspiration if I could ever get that good!


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