April showers…

Mail AttachmentA friend shared this photo with me. I don’t know the source, but I had to post about it today. It captured something remarkable in our natural world that resonated with me in a strong way. Words that come to mind are: togetherness, courage, love, family, hope, and wonder…. Hang in there! Spring is worth it. 

I am having a very busy week of shipping and packing, leading up to a teaching engagement next week. Because of travels I will not be posting very much this month and the next.

Consider re-reading some of this last year’s posts to tide you over. There are several free rug hooking patterns and tutorials for you. I hope that you will make one of these projects while I am away from blogging. Use the search tool found at the right hand side of the blog and put in a key word like “free” or “tutorial” or “studio” or “inspiration” or “knitting” or….

Let spring blossom in your creative spirit ~ Karen

15 thoughts on “April showers…

  1. I am looking for the pattern and instructions for the round scrappy chair pad series that you featured on your blog. Can you tell me where I can find it? I loved that and would like to hook it now. Thanks for your very interesting blog. I enjoy it very much, and it inspires me so much.


  2. It still is cold here, but I am hanging in there lol. Nice photo. What kind of bird is that? Looks like a morning dove, but the colors are different than I ever saw on a dove. Very sweet.


  3. Oh No! I’m going through withdrawls pains already! 😉 I do love when I open my email and see a message from Primitive Spirits, it seems to raise my spirits for that day. I’m excited to hear that you will be teaching and spreading your talents in person, just wish it could be in our home town.

    Speaking of projects, I am completing the 3rd chair pad and will be on the 4th pad soon and believe me you have enough projects to keep me busy for several months.

    I will be happy when I receive an email pop up from you upon your arrival back home and settled back to your routine. Safe travels!


  4. Karen I took your advise about your previous blogs. I started with Feb. 2012, I was just going to read a couple of them but found myself reading the whole month! I did stop there so I could look forward to reading more. I am fairly new to you blog so this is like finding treasure. Thank you. Sue


  5. the photo that you shared today came at a moment when i needed a lift ~ thank you, so much, Karen for this and all your posts! i look forward to revisiting your patterns and tutorials while you are away. enjoy every moment of your upcoming adventures!



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