A glimpse into Olive Rose folk art doll studio


Sitting way in the back corner of my last rug hooking class was a quiet student who drew little attention to herself.  Olivia told me she designed folk art dolls under the name Olive Rose. I was lucky enough to see her home studio while I was in town.


Olivia is quiet on the outside, but flamboyant in spirit. When I came through the front door it was as if I was whisked into  a fairy tale, where some whimsical creature stashed jars of round things, threads and rulers and collected tin trucks, old toys, fabrics and notions, paints and old fabrics.







Enchanted, my eyes wandered high and low, taking in all the collections and precious tidbits. I instantly yearned to pull up a chair and create something! Olivia had transformed an ordinary place into her own version of wonderful. Red and white polka-dotted kitchen walls and playful accessories to make you feel on the lighter side of life. Her favorite chair sits right smack dab in the middle of her kingdom. Of course, her workspace has crept into her living space, where the dining table has become the painting station. Stacks of boxes sat in the livingroom with her wares for the weekend art fair.

olivia at her worktable

There was more to see as upstairs was the studio! Dolls and toys led the way up the stairs, and her work table was cluttered with all things important and trivial. Shelves and a big closet held wool and vintage clothing scraps for creating. Every creative necessity seemed to be here in the ready to become whatever Olivia’s fancy should dictate.





Her folk doll creations greeted me around the corner as they lined the hallway wall. Wow!





DSCF1127 catnmouse

I wanted to have one of each, but I settled on ordering a few. That is the amazing part of her work, as Olivia herself makes each of her art dolls to order, hand sewn, stuffed, painted, embellished, and dressed. With love.

olivia and friends

Olivia and I talked about what success means to us. And we both agreed that when you are doing what you love, and are able to make the greater or lesser part of a living at it, that joy is the end of the trail.

Success is evident at Olivia’s, where the sewing of a seam and a stroke of a brush enchant simple pieces of cloth into life.



Thanks for stopping by, Karen


18 thoughts on “A glimpse into Olive Rose folk art doll studio

  1. what agreat surprise mon, morn to see olive rose and her adorable works love her studio looks like my room should look nbut it all makes for good works and happiness. love every little nook. great inspiration to us all nomatter what you do by hand something new all the time. thanks so much for sharing karen linda k.


  2. A kindred spirit; I make dolls and my workspace looks much the same, shelves of dolls and bits and pieces of all the wonderful collection of stuff it takes to put together original little works of art such as these dolls. Thanks for the tour.
    Polly in CO


  3. Karen what a wonderful glimpse of Olivia’s life! She is a beautiful person inside and out! I am the proud owner of many of her dolls and honored to call her my friend!! I am so happy she was able to take your workshop; you have been an inspiration to her and all of us! Thank you for sharing Olivia and your talent as well!!


  4. Thank you! Thank you! This is one of the most delightful blog-posts of yours. When I saw the pictures I thought, “I would be in tears asking if I could just make something right there.” What a neat lady!!


  5. I visited a cute shop in Old Town Glendale a couple weeks ago when I was in Phoenix . There were some darling dolls for sale there and I think they might have been hers – so talented! And I love seeing her studio!


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