Busy as a beeskep around here

BeeHiveOrganization is the word of the day, and the hive is abuzz in my studio. And like a beehive, it seems that every square inch is put to good use.

french beehive vintage image--graphicsfairy1brn

To make it all fit, I had my son build me a new cupboard for some of my spinning fiber and tools.  I will be posting the finished product soon, as another faux finish is underway. This cupboard is going to look really old and time-worn! Wait and see!

productivebeekeepbeehivegfairy003A new cupboard can be the inspiration to get to work and do the hard part: pulling things out, looking at each precious thing, and saving or getting rid of things and figuring out where to put it all.

I am getting better at moving things out if a project has fallen out of favor. Sometimes it is better to sell it or give it away than try to save it for that distant future rainy day when I might need it. Know what I mean? Sometimes our things can be a burden, lugging them, storing them, remembering where they could be. So move it out, and make the studio look conducive to creativity again!


My wish for you is to reclaim a place and make it cozy and creative anew.

Happy Spring cleaning!

Creatively yours, Karen


9 thoughts on “Busy as a beeskep around here

  1. Hi Karen—thanks for the prompt to ditch all the once loved crafts—I have a inch of needle point that I thought one day……….
    What I would like to know is, um… How do you get square inches in a cylindrical bee hive?!?!?! (yuk yuk)


  2. Karen, Late in the day to report in..but I have been Busy as a Bee today..Hooking on your Queen Bee Pattern/Kit from ILOVERUGHOOKING. Love your design. I am going to use mine as a chair pad for my hooking chair. Did my Spring Clean earlier, now I can focus on hooking.


  3. i liked the opportunity to see how your rugs look finished . And to see how the students use the colors on their rugs. I view your web site daily and enjoy your postings to see what your doing i love rughooking. I am a quilter but hooking is my new love. Thanks for all you do. Patricia


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