A Mother’s Day thought

birdbaby-graphicsfairy008Being a mother who crafts can be one of the biggest challenges creatively. For me, creating has never been optional. I must create. So I had to be creative with my time and with finding artistic outlets that fit into motherhood.

A quilting frame had a place of honor in the living room, in the ready for little precious moments of needlework. Project bags for hand applique were dragged everywhere I went, like a second diaper bag. And when the babies grew out of nap times, I instilled a “quiet time” with reading in a cozy bed with bears and new picture books from the library. The kiddos knew that mommy needed her quiet time, too.

I guess that this is not a Mothers Day post of the glories of self-sacrifice, the hallmark of motherhood. Indeed, that is a worthy sentiment to dwell on. But this is an offering to the creative mother who set a model for her children of how we need to honor ourselves and follow our bliss in the moment, and showed the way for self-expression and finding a passion to live for.

Happy Mothers Day to you, Karen


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14 thoughts on “A Mother’s Day thought

  1. Karen, Great Post today! While young & raising two daughters, i didn’t realize why or how important my need to create was. Now I know it made me a “better” mama by keeping me sane to handle the sacrifices a mom mades . LOL Every night after children were in bed, I so looked forward to needlework of some type. Today my grown daughters are proud of their HOOKER mama’s creative “heirlooms”.


  2. I always had to have my creative time too. Fortunately, my children loved crafts and being a part of my creations. My son is a great cook and my daughter is a paper maker and art teacher. Mothers are always the first teachers.


  3. Thanks for a neat post today–I too have always done some kind of ‘crafty’ thing..stitchery of all kinds and I guess that’s what keeps us sane! I had my project bags, actually I still do, so that when I go to visit my children I have ‘something’ to do. Currently, at my son’s and I’m finishing up the crocheted bag–I went to the attic24 and am making her cute little flowers and leaves for mine–thanks for that info!


  4. And Happy Mothers Day to you, too! My mom knitted and sewed but it was my first MIL who got me started doing ceramics when my 3 boys were little ~ that was the first time that I knew I, too, could be creative! Now, I think everybody has creative talent somewhere inside!


    • It is nice to pass on the joy and peacefulness of crafting. My mother has always done needlework. I have done crafts with my daughter since she was little and now as a teenager she loves to crochet and makes hats for babies to donate to the hospital. She is not at all interested in rug hooking but I am hoping someday she will be.


  5. Thank you for the insightful post today. I, too, crafted when my children were young. Sometimes they were asked to join in the fun. Now, I create with my granddaughters. We have great fun. Planning to do smash books when we get back from our Disney cruise to Alaka.
    I feel really blessed to carry on the creativity . Happy Mothers :Day to you. Lee


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