A trip to the east coast


I will be taking a break from blogging for the next several weeks as I am going back home to visit family.

While I am away, here is your homework:

Create a mini retreat for yourself. Set aside a weekend, a day, or a bit of a day and do something to refresh your creative spirit.

Treat yourself to a new craft magazine and your favorite beverage and soak in some color or inspiration.

Or another idea is to stay right at home. Tell the family that you are having an alone time and close the door to your workspace and work on that project you have dreamed of starting.

Or take a drive out of town and take in some inspiring landscape. Bring a sack lunch and give yourself some real time to let your brainwaves calm down and your thoughts expand. Inspiration sometimes needs an uncluttered mind.

Be happy!  ~ Karen



12 thoughts on “A trip to the east coast

  1. Safe trip and have fun! Will you be near French General in L.A.? Don’t miss! I have not been but would love to go. Just being in the store would be stimulating. Blessings, Lee


  2. Karen, have a wonderful and safe trip. If you are near Philly, feel free to stop in:) Your homework assignment is the only one I have ever looked forward to. All the best.


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