simple is satisfying

I love to use up supplies. And I am crocheting this flat bag with the last of my scraps of cotton and linen yarns. After crocheting a few big bags I needed a little bag to put inside it. A simple project like this one is great for filling in those vacant bits of time that might go to waste. I guess some projects feel like I am making something out of nothing. I love that!

I am using a single crochet, stopping and starting at random places. I think it will be a fold over top. This looks like it will be a good size to store crochet hooks or supplies.

Ever since I was a young girl I have been making my own bags! Strange that I never grew out of the fascination of doing bags. Whether we feel fat or thin, a bag always fits perfectly and makes us feel good! You know what I mean?

Have a creative day ~ Karen

9 thoughts on “simple is satisfying

  1. I love your crocheted bags and have downloaded the pattern from Lucy’s site. And yes, a bag is definitely a non-stress fashion item! Especially one that you’ve crocheted yourself: you get the added bonus of the calming effect of stitching it.


  2. karen, do you have a pattern for that lovely linen/cotton bag you created recently? I am going away on a European holiday and thought it would be a good piece to do to amuse me while I am on the canal boat. If per chance I finished it I would have a valuable bag to use on my way home. I am a tentative crocheter so having some approximations of number of stitches cast on would be really helpful for me. once I get the bottom done I think I would be ok. Also the directions for adding the handle would be helpful. thank you for your help.


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