Red and green daydream

DSCF1002Many times as I am creating, color mesmerizes me, and I get locked into a color daydream.

DSCF1003Crocheting at teatime the red tablecloth and the green yarn sparked me. Just their presence together in one place near me made me sigh. I have always loved using these complementary colors in all my fiberwork. I love old red and green quilts. I love creating hooked rug designs with this color interplay. So today it called to me in this fabulously unexpected way.


And so I stop and reflect on it, get lost in it. Color is so magical to me.

Deep breath, deep sigh.


Learning about color begins with seeing color,

noticing its beauty,

letting it take you to a childlike place.


8 thoughts on “Red and green daydream

  1. Today, the first day of summer, and your post on color is the perfect way to start the day. I am looking out at a cottonwood tree, studying the way the light hits the new leaves as they move in the breeze. Your blog is always a treat.


  2. Good morning! I’m so happy to hear how you take in all that surrounds you! We take so much for granted that we sometimes miss the simple pleasures that are around us and you just reinforced to take it in, breathe and relax!
    Enjoy your day and appreciate everything around you. There is beauty everywhere!


  3. Hi, Karen, I feel ya! 🙂 Red and green (with a dash of gold) are my home interior colors. But in reference to noticing color’s beauty…last week I was at the hospital for a mammogram. The tech was wonderful trying to make small talk. Perhaps I was too quiet as I sat thinking that the last time I was in this hospital was when my sibs and I stood over our mother as she passed away. But I was also looking down at this baggy top they asked me to wear and blurted out how beautiful the color (prettiest shade of raspberry) was! And that I would like to find something in this color to wear! I was also wondering how I could “makeover” THIS top to wear! Jeez, Louise! All in the name of saving a buck and recycling, I guess. 🙂 Color moves me!


  4. I so love color too..especially red and green and black and… I love hanging a vintage pair of red long underware out on the line in the winter. when there is no color but white, and I love love the green evergreen trees out in the winter snow… right now I am enjoying the color red decorating a bit in the green gardens! oh yes… could sit and daydream with colors all day! enjoy your evening!


  5. what a nice surprise this morn. just what i needed love red and any color green. happy day to you and hope you are having the wonderful weather we are having here in fairfield had a wonderful swim in salt water and had wonderful fresh air breeze for the whole afternoon so great and love the summer outdoors. stay well,linda kraus


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