Granny squares kept me sane on my holiday


Trips are a trip. When leaving home, there must be a strategy to keep from fiber deprivation. And so for my last trip I set out to make a crochet baby blanket.

granny4I used worsted weight cottons, mostly all were from The quality was nice and the colors were pretty close to what I was looking for. To round out my selection I had to buy a few other colors at my local yarn shop.

granny3I had been looking on for inspiration, and I found a granny square sampler that sounded perfect for my trip. The pattern is free and you can find it by clicking here to get to¬†this blog. I printed out all of the directions for the different blocks, and grabbed a handful of yarn and started the first blocks on my outbound plane ride. I couldn’t wait to start. And as it turned out, I had extra long airport waits when one flight was cancelled and I missed all of my connections! Thank goodness I had my hand work to keep me from total meltdown!

granny1When I arrived my project saved me from any boring moments (usually TV), and gave me such an excuse to relax and listen to the birds and smell the flowers. I had enough time to complete the blanket by the time I was ready to pack for home. The finished size is about 36″ x 36″.

granny2Now that it is completed, I want to make another blanket for home. I am not sure if I will do the sampler this time or a repeated design. I am leaning toward the sampler because it is so playful and never boring like a repeat design might tend to be. I will use softer colors like khaki and rust and olive. I like using cottons because cotton is perfect for Oregon’s climate.

I am so enjoying my crochet Renaissance. Granny squares have been with me for many years, and the nostalgia of them just adds to the pleasure of making them.

Whatever your art, have a creative day ~ Karen


17 thoughts on “Granny squares kept me sane on my holiday

  1. It is absolutely enchanting and so colorful. The colors are beautiful together. I love cotton also. How many different colors did you use?


  2. I love your granny squares, the colors are wonderful and the design of the squares. Maybe I’ll have to get my crochet needles. Thanks for the inspiration.


  3. Wow! that blanket looks like so much fun! You got me started with crochet (after many years!) with the colorful bags–I’ve made two! one mixed colors and the other a bit more planned. Blues, cream, and a bit of yellow. Now I may just check Ravelry for the patterns for the granny squares– O well–here we go again !


  4. Too funny as I inherited the Treasury Book of Needlecrafts and started that exact same afghan a couple of years ago! I love the nostalgia of going back to the craft books of the 60’s and 70’s and 80’s. I should have attempted this with weekly goals too so that mine would be finished and in use… Oh well perhaps this winter:)


    • how fun! so you have the book! i just chose the squares that appealed to me and made as many as i felt like making. plus some that i found online to add in. it is just so fun it is ridiculous…


  5. I had the BH book years ago and today found one in a thrift shop with your crochet squares. One good way to use up left over yarn. Will give it a try.. Love your colors.
    Carolyn Boutilier


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