Fe Fi Faux

lock set

I love antique furniture. But how often do you find the perfect piece? That fits your space? For a price you like?

casterI don’t count on such lucky happenings. Instead I turn to painting a piece to look old. Enter the faux finish.

splatterMy son made this cabinet to my specs, and I painted it. Several layers of color went into this piece as well as some crackle medium here and there.

z 1I began with a dark brown and waxed some of the edges and places that I wanted the look of wear. Then I painted a mixture of pumpkin-tan colors. Again I waxed the same areas before painting the final coat of gray paint. I felt lucky to find the perfect rusty latch for the doors.

ew cupboardThen came the sanding and scraping to reveal some of the undercoats.

inside cupboardIt did not take long for me to fill it with fibers. Here is my drum carder and some of my spinning fibers.

bitsyFor me faux finishing is another excuse to play with color, as I am endlessly fascinated by how colors effect other colors and how color softens over time.

Thanks for stopping by today ~ Karen

14 thoughts on “Fe Fi Faux

  1. Karen – I love finding your messages and viewing them with my morning coffee. A wonderful way to begin my day. I love the cabinet.and the treasures that are in it!


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  3. I love anything with a chipped painted finish and a little rust on it. You did a fabulous job aging your cabinet. I enjoyed reading your blog.


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