Spinning with the summer sun

garden pathSometimes when the weather is perfect, friends gather for a garden party. Today we spinners are meeting at Lu’s garden. It is such an inspiring place, full of flowers and vegetables and bunnies. Breathe deeply and take in the aroma of the Corsican mint beneath your feet. Small wonders and simple pleasures are on today’s menu.

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How wonderful to spend an afternoon with creative friends, where conversation drifts from fiber, to color, to gardens, to daydreams. Spinning and knitting and crocheting and eating and laughing… and being.

Breathe deeply and have a creative day ~ Karen

6 thoughts on “Spinning with the summer sun

  1. It must have been a special day–you used your beautiful Runnymede china plates, just like mine! Now, I have to go home and have friends over so I can use mine. Lovely idea.


  2. What a lovely day you all had. Days that memories are made of. And how, timely, I’m taking my first spinning classes this Saturday. Happy spinning!:))


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