happy endings and new beginnings


I wanted to share with you the crochet purse that I was working on a few posts back. I am so happy with how it came out, it surprised me. I came up with an idea for finishing it which raised it from being a humble bag to a special one. And to celebrate the completion of a project, I bought some new yarn to help plan another. I love getting packages in the mail! Especially when they are fiber!

crochet2These are my new worsted weight cottons from yarn.com, which is also known as webs. It is a great source for finding yarn at discount prices. For many yarns, the more you buy, the better the discount.

crochet1I am making a granny square sampler, and wanted soft colors. I settled on lots of neutrals with muted rust, soft purples and greens. This is a color triad that I just love to work with. These colors are equal distant from each other on the color wheel, which means they complement each other. Usually I let one dominate, and the others be supporting roles. Greens will dominate, and the rusts and purples will be here and there. I am not going to rush into this project, but will let it wait in the wings for a moment of inspiration.

Now for the finished purse….

crochet3I wanted it to be a small fold over bag, and was just going to continue with the single crochet for the whole thing. Then I wondered how a few small granny squares would be at the top. It worked out that I could fit 3 across. The finished bag is 8″ wide by 10″ tall unfolded. I could use it unfolded, too. Like a little lunch bag. I didn’t line it, as the single crochets seem to be solid enough. However if I put circular knitting needles or thin crochet hooks in it, they might poke through.


crochet4To finish it off, I ended with a row of single crochet to tie it together a bit. I could have made a button and loop closure, but decided to leave it as is. There is enough of a fold to keep it tidy.

crochet6What I like is to mix it up with lots of neutrals. So the light and dark gray, the tan, 2 tones of brown, etc make my other colors look more sophisticated and groovy.


And I do mean groovy! After all granny squares are a blast from the past.

Time to create! ~ Karen


21 thoughts on “happy endings and new beginnings

  1. what a lovely bag! love the colors–as usual your colors and mine seem to be close to the same, I like your idea for the bag–May have to try that one later–currently, I am working on a cotton granny square afghan, and a wool bed cover, inspired by Maggie Bonanami–busy summer! 🙂


  2. Do you have directions for this purse. Would it be a good project for a beginner? I have never crocheted except for a chain, but I love this purse! Bev Osgood

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    • i just made this up as i went along. yes, single crochet is easy. if you have an experienced crocheter around, he/she may be able to help you put this together. or find a book that has instructions for a simple flat bag. then add the granny squares to the top.


  3. Darling bags! I love your style and color choices. I’ve just started ordering yarn in larger amounts from Webs. Great choices of yarns and colors, also can’t beat the price! I received a large yarn purchase the other day and still have them all laid out in project groups. Such fun to look at before I dive in and start weaving and knitting. I’m completely hooked on my triloom at the moment. Also, using a nice cotton I got from Knitpicks and making a little cardigan. Busy hand-work kind of summer!


  4. Good Gosh Karen! That bag is simply gorgeous!!!!! To those of us who are “challenged” and do not crochet……..this is simply a work of art. To those who have crocheted for 20 years, it is probably a work of art, also. It’s gorgeous. I love the colors but I really appreciate the preciseness!!!!!! Your work is just incredible.


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